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Stephanie Arnold 03/11/2020
Counter person very rude. Out of menu items. Filthy behind counter.
al 02/12/2020
If I order on computer coupon ready in 15 minutes...takes me 20 minutes to get there.. deal expires
dom istorico 02/08/2020
your apps and coupons almost impossible to get or redeem but then you already know that. That's the whole idea. I have at least ten from your last contest or whatever you call it and not one of them could be redeemed with the app you claim I have. Let's see if you publish this on line. I've got twenty bucks says you won't. Burger King aren't you the people that mac donald's sued decades ago for stealing their logo under the name CARROLLS? yep you're the ones. Look it up.
Bill 01/24/2020
Whoppers have a lot of eye appeal and you can’t wait to get yours but, most times they are only warm and disappointing. Why can’t they be hot like a burger is supposed to be? I have eaten whoppers in many different places but my visits have decreased. The burgers need to be hot and the buns need to be toasted. Then you will increase your customers.
Sharon Baker 01/06/2020
I ate at your Berger King in Ionia Michigan, very dirty. Very disappointed in the food it was terrible. I will not be eating there again. When this was brought to the managers attention nothing was done about it. Catsup dispenser was filthy, garbage receptacle was also filthy, floors and tables filthy also. I have never been in such a disgusting Burger King
Dianna Viera 10/18/2019
Good Day, My husband doesn't eat meat He only eats the original chicken sandwich, but he did try the new grass burger and liked it. The cost was $8 which is expensive for burger king. Do you offer any coupons for the new grass burger.
Dean 06/20/2019
Was told at the counter to use drive thru...Went to drive thru...Ordered two whopers...When I got home only had two patties each on buns...very little musturd and very little onion and nothing else...
Ryan 02/01/2019
Best burger I ever had was the Carroll's Club Burger I don't know why you guys stopped with the Carol's product that little cardboard wrapped around that delicious Burger you guys would make a killing if you brought it back just saying
Grace Garza 12/31/2018
I wish the 2 x 6 combos would include the veggie burger
Kathy 11/20/2018
The burger king here in auburn, IN has the most polite and helpfull staff I've ever seen. I go there often because of that. (And, I love their fries) Best Manager is a kind and helpfull man.
Cindy mchan 09/16/2018
Went to burger king got one of the big king that suppose to come with 6 strips of bacon. I got 2 small pieces of bacon, live to far to take it back manger, was not friendly at all
Elaine 08/24/2018
I got an order filled at the drive through in Plainfield NJ at Clinton and 7th St. It was a good experience with courteous quick service.
Jill 07/22/2018
I had stoped in Buger King in Parkchester where there was only 2 employees working. The cashier was taken orders as well as bagging & serving the orders. The wait was too too long. Workers should nt have to work hard like that especially on a Friday night. I will NOT be back to this restaurant.
Anonymous 05/23/2018
Last time I went to BK on Vermont Ave. & 3rd St. In L.A. I got my order right away. The fourth times I was there, no one were making burgers, they were talking & laughing. My guest & I had to wait 15 minutes for our order. The young cashier was great. The ice machine has Mal funtioned for a couple of months.
Janice 04/06/2018
I went to burger king in Weymouth ma on Monday April 2 and when I placed my order the person that took my order didn't ask me if my order was to go or to stay. They put my order on a tray and when I told the girl that my order was supposed to be to go she said oh and through my order in the bag and my order was all over in the bag and she was very rude.
Jean 02/20/2018
Great store always nice and very helpful
Cathy James 01/09/2018
Recently I went thru the drive up.the girl says pull over there to a parking spot. so I proceed to pull over and not seeing hit the concrete block right beside me tearing off half my bottom under carriage an scraping the whole bottom of my car. Hope in the future they tell customers to watch out for it. That drive thru meal cost me $700 damage.
Cristina Berry 08/11/2017
This store is sucks, I find a hair on my sandwich and the cashier said is on the paper wrap not problem that is gross , horrible service , not apologize or thank you nothing 😡😡
Judy 06/04/2017
Price was great and so was the food
Shelley 01/15/2017
Love this store. it's clean, the food is hot and net. employees and management is always professional and nice. Good fast food :-)!
Katherine West 01/09/2017
Location was out of sugar
Parvati Vital 09/10/2016
I live in New York City I am a vegetarian You never give discount coupons for Veggie Burgers but if I were in India there are so many discounts given. Please give vegetarians the same discounts in the USA. Thank you.
Donna 08/18/2016
Use to be good. Lost the flavor. Taste like mcdonalds. The one in lake isabella ca. Is the worse. They are so slow
Michelle 05/11/2016
Best bergers in town
earl cook 02/09/2013
You have the best sandwiches of all the fast food chains. You also HAD the best darn coffee alyplace but some wise guy changed the blend. Please, go back to OUR kind of coffee!
Leigh 09/05/2012
My Burger King at Village at Waugh Chapel in Gambrills, MD is fantastic. They are smiling, confident in their work, know their customers and go out of way to make me/us happy. The food is always cooked to perfection. Thanks!
maria garcia 04/15/2012
i take my kids almost every afternoon to play in your playground they enjoy ur ice cream which is cheaper for me when u have 6 kids. theirs also McDonald across it but believe it their ice cream is more expensive. i also love ur free wi-fi
glen coombs 12/02/2011
I am on a strict diet. (heart) So my wife and I eat your grilled chicken (without mayo) all the time and really enjoy it. Usually with a side salad, low fat dressing.

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About Burger King

Every day, more than 11 million guests visit BURGER KING® restaurants around the world. And they do so because our restaurants are known for serving high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. Founded in 1954, BURGER KING® is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. The original HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, our commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years.

In 2010, 3G Capital, a global multi-million dollar investment firm focused on long term value creation, purchased Burger King Corporation, making it a privately-held company.

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