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Anonymous 12/31/2021
The wendys on 1152 s. Rainbow has the rudest drive thru employee I've ever encountered. She was very short in taking my order, when I got to the window she shoved my drink into my hand. When she finally gave me my food she practically threw it in my car. I still needed a spoon and a Pepsi so I waited.finallt she says " what is she still doing here?" I repeated it to her and told her she shouldn't be so rude and that I needed my drink and a spoon. She said I already gave you your drink pointing at my frosty. Anyway she gave me my drink still no spoon. I told her she shouldn't be so rude and she just looked at me and slammed the window. Her hair was all outside her hat and she was just nasty.
Sharon ilijanich 12/20/2021
Stopped by Wendy's on friday in dyer Indiana. Fries were limp and the hamburger bun was cold .
Geri L 12/07/2021
2nd time ordering family chilli bucket again they forgot the cheese and crackers and one sour creme. Really!
jennifer Blackwell 07/17/2021
I purchased a meal from Wendy's two days ago the experience was horrible. I purchased a meal #1 Combo with Strawberry lemonade the burger was cooked to death it looked like a kids meal. I had reached home and was not able to return to the store. This has happened several times but now its getting to be ridiculous. Hoping that they get it right soon.
Luanne Scholten 10/19/2020
I just purchased a Dave's double burger combo for $9.11.......it was cold, dry and tasteless, no juices in the meat. The tomato put on was a sickly pale slice and the lettuce was a piece off the outer shell of lettuce leaves. A couple of small pieces of onion. I got this yuck at the Canal Ave Grandville MI stored drive-up on 10-19-2020. I will never go to Wendy's again.
Tammy Mason 10/14/2020
The Wendy's in Pearl Ms near Crossgates has the nicest friendliest employees ever. I drive by about 2 others just to go there. It's also always immaculate. Well please with all employees. Sincerely
Jackie Clapper 09/20/2020
Had a double stacker was cold and dry. Chili cheese fry was also cold. I was disgusted.
Dana Miller 09/01/2020
The best fast food I ever had . And today I try there breakfast food 😋 it the best , me and my friend has ever had . It was Awesome a 5 star 🌟.
Megan Perkins 07/03/2019
Wendy's very slow! Your Restaurant has filthy tables and hardly gets cleaned up! Your prices have gone up and you dont do $.99 Biggies Items anymore. When I am placing my Order to the Cashier at times customers cut-in and interrupt to get Cashier's attention to get other items! It is frustrating for me because I am Disabled and half deaf! I dont live in Henrietta anymore so I now go to the Brockport Location. And same thing happens there!
Tammy Long 05/09/2019
Ordered apple pecan salad and didn’t have any pecans.
Kay 03/25/2019
Wendy's on Broadway in Fort Wayne Indiana has recently become a disaster...filthy carpet..not swept..long lines with people waiting way too long...one person doing all
Janet 09/04/2018
We eat at Wendy’s about every week. Clean friendly quick delicious. We have the Wendy’s tags that we use to get a smallest Frostie!! Just enough ice cream for dessert!!! Very pleased!!!
Dawn 05/26/2018
Love the frosty and salads
Anonymous 03/19/2017
This Wendy's is very clean and the service is very efficiency and the salads are superb.
Dortha Burgess 01/11/2017
I went to Wendy's and tried to get to the survey to get $2 off. I first called and then it told me to go to website. I can't figure out how to do it. It's very wrong to mislead customers.
Teresa Durant 01/06/2017
Wait for 15 min in drive thru, then my fries and chili were like warm hahad to heat them in microwave , Never got receipt, worst and first time this happen, not happy, disappointed in Wendy's
John S. 11/26/2016
Up until today Wendy's always offered a military discount,a very rude manager informed us that that was nor true, taking my business elsewhere.
lujacques35@hotmail.com 10/18/2016
Do you have Gift Cards???? Wendys is great. We get the 99 cent chicken sandwich and 4 nuggets for $3.81 for two of us. That's because of Senior discount. Love Wendy's. We eat there twice a week. PLEASE DO YOU HAVE GIFT CARDS THAT I CAN PURCHASE!!
JOAN 05/14/2016
Wendys always serves great food , nice and hot with eye appeal, being greeted by the employees and manager , this makes WENDYS standout as friendly service, keeps you coming back.
oreste cariddi 06/28/2011
I have had excellent service from your employees, very smart and fast. Thanks you

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