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Shelia 07/07/2023
Will you please have that nacho box for $5.00 again? I loved it!!!
Leanne Bristow 09/02/2022
The "steak" is the most awful thing I have ever tasted, looks and tastes like dog food..but my dog wouldn't eat it.
Marsha Conard 07/09/2022
Love food! Worked there 44 years ago while attending college. My daughter worked there 12 years ago. We miss the apple empanada!
Janet 06/13/2022
I went to Taco Bell in Boaz Alabama I spent $32 on two of your meals and I asked for hot sauce they gave me six that’s not enough to cover one of the meals that I got and I asked for more weren’t allowed to hand out any more hot sauce and she gave me six more that steel with both the big mega meals that I got there was not enough sauce for one item I mean I didn’t get enough hot sauce they didn’t give me a receipt that was the worst I’ll never go back there
Judith 05/25/2022
Your system to order using the computer or kiosk is horrible. Not everyone is computer savvy nor do we want to. You will loose a lot of business. Not everyone is 25.
Marcellyn 05/16/2022
Dry, cold burrito supreme, Little dollop dime-size of sour cream at one end, no large cups/lids, doesn't deserve title of supreme. NO napkins for messy food. What is happenong at South Wornall store in KC? Used to be very good. Some window workers excellent.
Darlene 04/17/2022
Please bring back the enchirito and the tostada. I loved them both. Hold onto the loyalty of your customers who chose T bell over anything else!
Susan Lucas 03/23/2022
Please bring back the Mexican pizza. It was one of the best things on the menu !!!
Karlene Markcum 03/03/2022
I could eat Taco Bell everyday. I do wish they would bring back the pizza and salad. They were my favorites.
Janet 02/07/2022
Have had a few issues with 2of the locations in Tucson. Because I cannot eat certain things, I write my order out so my errand runner can get it as I have great difficulty walking. They have messed my orders up more than once!
Pam White 02/06/2022
NEVER EVER get what I order!!!! 2 fish tacos I got 2 potatoe tacos!!! WHY CANT YOU GET IT RIGHT!!!!!
mike 01/18/2022
store 3791 middleburgh ht. ohio cashier at drive thru Jane.you hired a winner. been doin drive thrus for 50yrs. and this girl was awesomely sweet
Cruz 01/16/2022
I love taco bell. I like the taco salad
David and Frances Toombs 01/15/2022
i love taco bell, great menu, great workers. very fresh food/ I liked the mexican pizza
Darlene 12/29/2021
Bring back the shredded chicken burrito. My favorite.
Alice 12/10/2021
Dianne Wilson 12/07/2021
Please bring back the taco salad and the green onions
Sandy Garcia 08/10/2021
I love the nachos at Taco Bell and always enjoy when they have the BIG BOX !!!!!
Debbie 08/10/2021
I LOVE Taco Bell. My parents took me when I was 2 years old.
Audrey Huffman 07/23/2021
I took the kid’s to the Brunswick Georgia Taco Bell on New Jessup twice this past couple weeks while on vacation and both times the order was wrong and I received no receipt. The first order was over 44.00 and when I questioned it about most of the things being on the valve meal, her reply was that is still not a 1.00 it’s 1.29 each. Two items at 5.00, 9 at 1.00, then what ever a burrito supreme cost still is not over 44.00 on our second visit over half of our food wasn’t there after waiting over 32 minutes in that line and asking them to double check the order please
Nancy 06/30/2021
The $5 box box was great
Anne Culver 06/22/2021
Love ur Tacos
Phil Yelton 05/27/2021
Why do you advertise $1.00 menu when items cost $1.19?
Lydia 05/05/2021
Went in Taco Bell, placed my order for the $10.00 tacos and burritos craving pack. The cashier rang up my order to $14.00+. I questioned the amount and was told it’s the mainland price and not offered in Hawaii.
Gary 02/26/2021
Good, Good, and Good!!
pat 02/04/2021
love their hard (crunchy) shell tacos
Robert Llewellyn 01/02/2021
Your app is the worst designed app of all fast foods. I can never get the menu. Please fix to make easier.
Anonymous 04/28/2020
Taco Bell $5.00 Deals are our Favorite! And we buy them Very OFTEN!!!
Marlina 02/21/2019
they are my favorites I love the tacos bell!!!
Sylvia boyd 06/28/2017
I love Taco Bell! It's makes dinner easy and fun!
Kerri 07/08/2016
I like Taco Bell food if I get some coupons my whole family will go more oftens
Leigh Marsden 04/03/2012
I truly enjoy your resturant near my vicinity. I am not happy with how hard it is to find a coupon to use there.

Money Saving Tips at Taco Bell

Check for current promotions and deals: Taco Bell regularly offers special promotions and deals, so check their website or mobile app for current offers before placing your order.

Stick to the value menu: The value menu at Taco Bell offers many items at a lower cost, so ordering from this menu can help you save money.

Share a combo meal: Combo meals at Taco Bell are often large enough to share between two people, so consider splitting a combo meal with a friend to save money.

Skip the add-ons: Extra toppings and add-ons can quickly increase the cost of your order, so consider skipping these options to save money.

Sign up for the rewards program: Taco Bell has a rewards program called Taco Bell Rewards that allows you to earn points and redeem them for free food items.

Drink water: Soft drinks and other beverages can add up quickly, so consider drinking water instead to save money.

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