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Yvonne 04/30/2022
Love the atmosphere. Staff is very friendly.
Anonymous 04/11/2022
Not impressed with the “sliced cheese” on my omelette. Figured it would be shredded and melted on top.
Joan Griffis 04/04/2022
I always enjoyed the Pot Pie and salad. I ate it once a week. Please bring it back.
Jerry and Ellen 04/03/2022
Been eating here for years (at least 30 years) and love it!
Rose Schulz 03/29/2022
I eat at my local Perkins when my family visit and take me for appts. Food is always good. Waiters/waitresses are always pleasant and go the extra mile.
John Goncalves 03/12/2022
My wife and I ago to Perkins at least once a week. My daughter never goes and she keeps getting coupons a we don’t. I have filled out more than one form at the Perkins in Lacey,rt9 and never get any coupons. What’s going on? John Goncalves
Shirley Jung 01/31/2022
love Perkins Honey Mustard Chicken Crunch salad
Andrew Carr 01/05/2022
We used to have a 20% off card. We gave tried several times to renew that card by filling out forms in restaurant. Is that policy no longer available?
Richard Crocker 12/30/2021
Always get plenty of food
Denise Davis 12/30/2021
Great food . Very pleasant staff. Works quickly to get everyone seated.
Linda Duester 10/28/2021
Always good food
Reginald W. Vinson Sr. 10/06/2021
Thanks for your dedicated services to our community.
Bill Dudgeon 09/13/2021
We go to Perkins in leesburg at least 2 times/week. Once for pie day. Used the 20% card you sent. They wouldn’t accept it on “free pie day”, No fair. Wouldn’t t give me senior discount on “free pie day” either. No fair. Didn’t bother to ask about police or veterin discount. No fair. Thanks Perkins. Bill Dudgeon
Kathy 08/15/2021
Love the crapes and muffins
Colleen 04/12/2021
Love my Perkins in Edina off Hwy 100 and Vernon.
Martha 03/30/2021
Good food, great service
robert lorenzo 03/22/2021
very good and very fast getting the meals out to you
Alice Courson 01/18/2021
Love the food and the service was mostly good
Lois Vandervoor 01/15/2021
love Perkins food and service.
Jerry Blough 01/12/2021
My wife and I eat at Perkins in Lady Lake,Florida one to two time a week. Usually One breakfast and one lunch/dinner. Food is excellent and really enjoy their pies. Jerry and Kathy Blough
Richard DeVries 11/07/2020
Is the Perkins key-ring 20% tag no longer available? I used it often but mine has expired. Perkins continues to be my favorite for menu, service, quiet, management. I have visited nearly every Perkins between Chicago and the Twin Cities. So sad that Rockford, IL and Janesville, WI have closed.
Pat 09/22/2020
I go twice a week. Food excellent. Service great. Discount is great too.
Ella Ettinger 04/15/2020
Very disappointed! Advertised free delivery & yet there was a charge on my bill! Plus it made me put a tip in my purchase! Not happy, cause then I still had to tip the driver! So I ended up paying over $10 more for my order!! Will not do this again!!! And the food was cold! I only live a mile away & the food was cold!! Breakfast sucks when cold!
Jeanie 02/16/2020
Not going there anymore due to the gossiping by the waitresses and prices are too high
RICK A. BREAM 01/26/2020
My son and I eat at Perkins in Bartow, Florida almost every Sunday. I don't think we have every had any problems with our orders and the service is just awesome. The manager and staff are all wonderful. Special thanks to Tanya and Elizabeth our two favorite waitresses
Lois V. 10/03/2019
Food is great!
Anonymous 09/25/2019
My husband and I ate at the restaurant today in the Wilkes Barre store. Miranda our waitress did an excellent job serving us. She was kind, helpful and very efficient. The food was hot and delicious.
Elaine Tag 08/15/2019
Excellent food and service.
Arlene Gorneault Ferreira 07/24/2019
We enjoy your dinners your breakfast and your lunch and we keep coming back everything is delicious
Margie Smith 05/27/2019
Friends come w me. I love the $4.99 deal five for five. We get tgether an adult. Owatonna MN has thee best morning waitresses, Autumn, jordon jst to name a few.
Sue Grzywa 05/09/2019
I go 2 the perkins on a weekly basis'.I always used the coupon on the bottom of ur receipt until u got a better idea! Ur new web sight stinks I surely cant follow it. Try something else please. I really enjoy the perkins in co.bluff, IA. The waitresses and management R great, along with the food. Y not do ur job and make finding ur coupons computer friendly PLEASE!
Richinda Schaff 03/14/2019
Was very disappointed at the Perkins tonite. My husband and I both ordered the Chicken fried steak which comes with the gravy, we asked for the gravy to be on the side. when we got the bill she had charged us for the gravy so I did ask about it when I went to pay for it. Waitress saids that's how it rings up when you ask for it on the side. Now we have ordered this dozens of times at Perkins and never been charged extra, however they did take it off upon request. I had an old receipt with me that had a 15% off with validation # which I gave to him. Don't know what he did but it only took off 10 cents, and when I complained about that, they said that they were unable to take the 15% off now because it was a closed till. , and gave me the receipt back. My bill for 6 of us was for 74.82 for 6 of us and I wanted to use the % off. They said sorry but!! But doesn't mean much when the guy at the till made the mistake, apparently he did not know how to do the % off. When I asked to talk to management I was told they didn't have any. We have been a long time Perkins customer but I am not at all happy about this , as I did give him the old receipt, if he didn't know how to put it in , he should have asked for help, so I could have used it, these % off coupons are really good for senior citizens when it comes to paying the bill, and we do appreciate them
Camille 02/08/2019
Was very disappointed my food was very cold, waitress very sweet, very nice.
Toni Mecchi 08/30/2018
Had late supper at East Windsor, NJ location. Servers were pleasant and helpful. Manager made sure we were satisfied with our dinners. A very pleasant experience.
Marie Duby 08/27/2018
Your Fort Myers Beach restaurant is great. Everyone was very pleasant and the food 2as good.
Anonymous 08/14/2018
Like your Ashtabula restaurant very much. I eat there at least once a week. I try hard to find gluten free foods.
evelyn jamesjPJM 03/11/2018
Donna @Marie are awesome compassionate,loving,respectful and professional these ladies turn a bad into a good day. In this world we need more like them!
Nancy 02/01/2018
I really enjoy Perkins a friend told me about eclub and I really want to sign up for it but can't get it took. Wish I could get to do it.
Anita 01/18/2018
My husband and I go to Perkins a lot. Manager is very nice, the food is always good, especially the burgers. The only thing I have to comment on is that there are so many times that we go in there and there is not enough heat. We go in on a wet rainy day, the temperature might be in the high 30's or low 40's and the air conditioning is on. My food gets cold too fast. This at the restaurant on rt. 39 in Harrisburg.
Emma Ramirez 01/02/2018
We the People ..... who are allergic to eggs but would like to have breakfast at Perkins would like you to offer alternatives suitable to our medical condition. Could you please include simple turkey or ham sandwiches to accommodate our needs? Please!

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