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Murphy USA  
Murphy USA is a national gas station and convenience store chain dedicated to helping customers buy smarter and drive farther.


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Waltona jarrell 02/03/2019
I go there everyday. the ladys in the store are so nice. Lawanda Hayne is so nice
Henny 10/14/2018
My husband and I use Murphy USA everywhere we go it is very convenient.
Donna Farmer 12/08/2017
I go there all the time. Very convenient.
Murphys 10/18/2017
Best product out there
Penny Lucas 05/07/2017
This is a friendly store, always cold beer and affordable prices!
Nina Vaughn 09/05/2016
I am so glad Cleveland Ga finally got Murphy USA. I absolutely love this gas station. always great prices and friendly staff

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