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Romano's Macaroni Grill Italian Restaurant, lunch and dinner prepared in open kitchen by chefs, locations, menu, gift cards, catering, employment and franchising opportunities


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Julie Y 06/05/2019
I just went to macaroni grill and very pleased with appetizer, meal and cake. My party was happy with everything. Our waiter was very good and attentive to our needs.
A. Frost 07/29/2013
Couple of days ago, we dined at macaroni grill for the first time in many months and was pleasantly surprised With our meal..found the flavor and PORTIONS were much better..also the service was excellant(Caitlin)...thanks again for a fine evening...A.F
Diane Parryhill 07/26/2013
On June 27, 2013, my husband and I entertained a couple from Edmonton, Canada. When we arrived at the Colonie, NY restaurant at 9 PM we asked the greeter if it was too late for dinner. She graciously showed us to a table and said we had plenty of time. I knew the closing time was posted on the door as !! PM, so I was pleased. Bread was brought out, which we enjoyed, but no more. Room temp water was served with no ice- had to ask for that. Food was acceptable...but we felt very rushed through our meal. We observed other patrons eating dinner so we thought we were ok. As soon as I left to use the restroom, my entire party was guided to the door- the door was immediately locked behind us. It was 10 10:30 PM. No coffee- no dessert..Our waitress was Lisa...As we are regular customers, we were sadly surprised about this entire situation..and embarrassed in front of our Canadian friends...and one was even to celebrate a birthday that nite- double whammy.
Mayer Falk 09/24/2012
The Macaroni Grill is one of our favorite restaurants.The service has always been great and the food has been consistantly good.The best part is that their prices are reasonable.
GAIL SPADONI 05/17/2012
My favorite restaurant, Romanos Macaroni Grill in Little Rock, Ar. I eat there at least twice a month. I try something new every visit. The crew is great, wonderful variety on menu the place is always clean with the freshest of salads, entrees and deserts. I have referred many friends and family to my favorite place.
Donna Sennott 05/15/2012
My husband and I love your half off bottles of wine deal on Thursday nights. We are almost getting to be regulars at our local place.
Allen Kaisor 11/29/2011
Macaroni Grill is my most favorite restaurant. My Grandkids always choose Macaroni Grill as their place to go when I take them for their birthday dinner. They range in age from 6 to 11 and Macaroni Grill is their universal favorite too. It is also adult friendly so we can enjoy a glass of wine and a fine meal and at the same time satisfy the children. What more could you ask of a restaurant?
Sylvia 11/29/2011
Macaroni Grill is probably our families favorite restaurant. We like the option of choosing the kind of pasta and various sauces. The bread is delicious and the amount is enough that we split an entree and get individual salads. Tasty AND healthy...whole wheat pasta and fresh vegetable (non-dairy) sauces are available.
sara 11/29/2011
This is one of our favorite places to eat and we do so often. We would definitely recommend it to others.
e.feinstein 11/29/2011
Favorite dish is salmon speidini with great grilled veggies and the killer bread.Not a pasta eater but found this on menu and never try anything else as entree.
Olivia Fauley 08/08/2011
The food was great, as usual and our waiter was extremely helpful. The dessert was yummy....gelato
john annigan jr 06/20/2011
what I like best was the fast service
Christine Arzrouni 06/07/2011
AWESOME Resturant my Mom and I go at least 4 times a month if not more

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