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George 11/06/2023
The pizza is good but the crazy bread is hard and round like pencils it's NOT the crazy bread I used to order and it's my 5th order no change still awful.
Elaine 08/27/2022
Good pizza but pretty slow customer service...should have more pizzas ready
Pat 08/02/2022
The last 3 times we have gotten crazy bread that were flat and hard. Think I would have learned by now!! NEVER again! Pizza was good though.
Joanne Arnoult 06/23/2022
Look sat here, still here, for over 35 mins waiting for 2 thin crust pizza! No line, hardly any people. This is sad!!! This address is 2211 Barataria Blvd....Marrero, La
Buddy 04/10/2022
I wish you sold Stix separately. Good stuff
Sylvia 04/08/2022
One of the best pizzas in San Diego
Ruby Jones 03/30/2022
Little Caesars pizza is good and a great value for your money.
Corbett Clemons 02/13/2022
I just ordered a single cheese pizza and was told it would be ready in 40 or 50 minutes. I thought Little Caesars slogan is Hot-N-Ready this is clearly not the case
George 09/12/2021
We had one about two wks ago n don’t know what they did with the cheese n it was Bad running n didn’t taste like any I’ve ever had .
Turner 08/28/2021
Why is it that I have to order online to get your special and I'm right at the store
T Hank 08/12/2021
Don’t like the Munster cheese on my pizza.
Queen 01/16/2021
Why do they not wear gloves or hair nets?
Johnny Two beer 05/25/2020
I thought that your pizza was a good thing. But it is not, my hot and ready pizza was just warm. The cheese was not melted and I think it was imitation cheese. Someone in your store is saving money on the cheese. Chinese saying Good things don't last.
Margaret Love 12/24/2018
Stopped going to Little Caesers when I could not get Italian sausage hot and ready except 4-8 pm. Went at 5pm recently and had to wait 20 minutes for my pizza. I can do that any where.
Dan otte 12/23/2018
Placed order at 7:32 at the drive thru window and waited out front till 7:57 and went in to see what happened .Said they were slow putting it in but saw customers that came in and waited and got theirs long before me . You pride yourself on fast service but was really disappointed.Store was empty of customers when I finally went and retrieved my three meat pizza.. Perhaps I should visit Dominos. Dan otte Taylor’s SC 29687
Anonymous 11/01/2018
Went into your store at 4 o'clock received my order at 4:40 and two people came in after me same order and received theirs in 10 minutes through with your store
Miguel 10/29/2018
Took 30 minutes to get two classic pizzas that supposedly should be ready at store #5908. Ridiculous
Vicky Miller 08/01/2018
I love the bestest pizza!!! It has soooo much pepperoni and cheese and at such a great price... Thanks Little Caesars for the greatest bestest pizzas!!!!
Evette 07/22/2018
I love their pizza but the Customer service in Vallejo is terrible and they never answer their phone!
Thersia woods 07/10/2018
I just love there pizza , it's better then pizza hut.
Cynthia Charvala 07/10/2018
You can get a freshly made, good tasting pizza at a reasonable price. .. and now they are making them better. EXTRA MOSTEST+++
Connie Dampier 07/20/2017
Really like it because the sauce is not to spicey.
Alan Curtis 07/13/2017
Had a bad experience on my last trip there and probably will not returned. Ordered a pizza, had to wait 10 minutes and they gave me wrong pizza. Had to wait another 10 minutes and i refused. No apology. Clerk acted like it was my mistake. I walked out with wrong pizza abd threw it away.
Larry Flory 03/12/2017
My wife and I loved the BITES and PIECES PIZZA. Sorry to see it GO. We still buy a PIZZA once a week.
Kayode 03/03/2017
Im new in Indiana and My son is a pizza lover. The first place I went to get the pizza we were made to waste so much time to the extent that he was crying. The experience is different here. It's timely and sweeter
Darlene Singer 11/02/2016
We get Leaders every couple weeks. Tonight it was terrible. I can't even eat it. It's like the cheese burnt.Then they just covered it with more. Plus it didn't have any sauce. I tried to eat it but I kept gagging on the cheese. HORRIBLE......
Michelle Hill 06/27/2016
As a single mother little caesars has been a godsend to a tired mother to feed my kids. thanks so much!
james soller 09/08/2011
I have had just about every brand of frozen pizza made. Most are smaller, more expensive and nowheres near as tasty. If you are near a Cearars buy there l topping for $5 you will not be disappointed, I promise.

Money Saving Tips at Little Caesars

If you're looking to save money at Little Caesars, a popular pizza chain known for its affordable prices, here are some tips:

1. Hot-N-Ready Pizza: Little Caesars is known for its Hot-N-Ready pizzas, which are pre-made and available for immediate pickup. These pizzas are often priced lower than customized orders, providing a cost-effective option.

2. Combo Deals: Little Caesars frequently offers combo deals that include multiple items at a discounted price. Check the menu or inquire about current combo promotions when placing your order.

3. Use the Little Caesars App: Download the Little Caesars app to access exclusive deals and promotions. Some locations may offer app-only discounts or rewards for frequent customers.

4. Join the Little Caesars Rewards Program: Little Caesars has a rewards program where you can earn points for purchases. These points can be redeemed for free items or discounts on future orders.

5. Look for Limited-Time Offers: Keep an eye out for limited-time offers or promotions at Little Caesars. These may include special discounts on certain menu items or additional value for your money.

6. Check the Value Menu: Some Little Caesars locations have a value menu that includes items priced lower than regular menu options. Review the value menu for budget-friendly choices.

7. Combo Meals for Lunch: Little Caesars may have lunchtime specials or combo deals during specific hours. Consider ordering during these times to take advantage of reduced prices.

8. Follow Little Caesars on Social Media: Stay updated on Little Caesars' social media channels for announcements of special promotions, contests, or exclusive deals. Some promotions may be available to online followers.

9. Sign Up for Email Alerts: Subscribe to Little Caesars' email newsletters to receive information about new menu items, promotions, and exclusive discounts. Some deals may be available only to email subscribers.

10. Share a Meal or Go Half and Half: Little Caesars allows you to customize half of your pizza with one set of toppings and the other half with a different set. Consider sharing a pizza with a friend or family member to save money and still get variety.

11. Ask About Student or Military Discounts: Some Little Caesars locations may offer student or military discounts. Inquire about these discounts at your local store.

12. Bring Your Own Drinks: Little Caesars typically offers a self-serve soda machine. Consider bringing your own drinks to save money on beverages, as they don't charge for refills.

Always check with your specific Little Caesars location for promotions, policies, and any ongoing discounts. Be aware of the terms and conditions associated with rewards programs or promotions to maximize your savings.

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FAQs about Little Caesars

1. What kind of pizza does Little Caesars offer?

Little Caesars is known for its Hot-N-Ready pizzas, which are available for immediate purchase and carry-out. They offer a variety of pizza options, including classics like pepperoni, cheese, and specialty pizzas.

2. How much does a Hot-N-Ready pizza cost at Little Caesars?

The price of a Hot-N-Ready pizza at Little Caesars can vary by location, but it is generally known for being affordable, often priced at $5 or $6.

3. Does Little Caesars offer delivery?

Little Caesars primarily focuses on carry-out and does not offer standard pizza delivery. However, some locations may have third-party delivery partnerships.

4. Can I customize my pizza at Little Caesars?

While Little Caesars is known for its ready-made pizzas, some locations may offer customization options for additional toppings. It's recommended to check with the specific store for customization options.

5. Does Little Caesars have a loyalty program?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Little Caesars did not have a nationwide loyalty program. However, individual franchises may have local promotions or loyalty initiatives.

6. What is the Crazy Bread at Little Caesars?

Crazy Bread is a popular side item at Little Caesars, consisting of breadsticks with garlic butter and Parmesan cheese. It's often served with marinara sauce for dipping.

7. Can I order Little Caesars pizza online?

Yes, Little Caesars typically offers online ordering for pizza and other menu items through their website or mobile app. Customers can customize their orders and choose between carry-out and delivery where available.

8. What are the operating hours for Little Caesars?

The operating hours for Little Caesars can vary by location. Most stores are open for lunch and dinner, and some may have extended hours. It's recommended to check with the specific store for their hours of operation.

9. How can I apply for a job at Little Caesars?

Job seekers can often find information on job openings and apply for positions at Little Caesars through the official website or by visiting a local store. Online applications and in-person inquiries are common methods for job applications.

10. Does Little Caesars offer any menu items for those with dietary restrictions?

Little Caesars offers a limited selection of vegetarian pizzas, and some locations may offer other options. However, the menu may be limited for those with specific dietary restrictions, and it's recommended to check with the specific store for options.

About Little Caesars

Little Caesars, founded in 1959, has grown into one of the largest pizza chains globally, renowned for its hot-n-ready pizzas and affordability. With thousands of locations worldwide, Little Caesars has become a go-to choice for pizza enthusiasts seeking a quick, delicious, and budget-friendly dining experience.

The hallmark of Little Caesars is its innovative approach to providing convenient and affordable pizzas. The "Hot-N-Ready" concept ensures that customers can walk in and pick up a fresh, ready-made pizza without the need for advance ordering. This commitment to speed and convenience, coupled with consistently low prices, sets Little Caesars apart in the competitive pizza market.

Beyond the iconic Hot-N-Ready pizzas, Little Caesars offers a diverse menu featuring a range of pizza options, Crazy Bread, wings, and various other sides. The brand's focus on simplicity and value extends to its promotions, such as the "Pizza Portal" and the "ExtraMostBestest" pizzas, ensuring a satisfying experience for customers looking for quality at an affordable price.

Little Caesars' commitment to providing a straightforward, no-frills pizza experience has solidified its status as a favorite choice for families, students, and pizza lovers of all ages, making it a prominent player in the pizza industry.

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