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Comments about Kohl's (11)


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Marsha Phillips 02/22/2021
Love shopping at Kohls. They usually have what I want.
Joyce Earl 01/02/2019
I love the prices But our store is becoming way to messy
Margaret tripp 01/31/2018
I stopped shopping at kohl's because I returned a $35 tool because it fell apart and was only given a $4 credit. last time I get screwed over by another store. the sad thing is I love your store.
Luis 12/12/2016
We had a very helpfu young girl named Brittney at the Modesto, Ca Kohls. She was very patient with us ordering from the kiosk machine. Thank you, Brittney.
jane 04/21/2012
love kohls my husband says they have the best mens sport clothing i love to shop there too so many great sales i go home very happy knowing that i have saved a lot of money and have good products thank you kohls
Connie King 03/15/2012
This has been the best store ever to shop at. I did all my Christmas shopping at Kohls this past year. Quality and Service was Great.
Srividya 03/09/2012
I bought ceramic hand soap dispenser and ceramic tumbler from Kohls. They have a wide collection of items and are of very good quality.
Shivani 10/05/2011
Kohls is amazing! I love shopping at Kohls and usually I am always shopping at kohls They have a great teenager selection with great brands and prices.
veronica 08/23/2011
i love kohls it has really good sales and very good clothes for my child. And has about everything my whole family goes there for there children too it is not expensive not like the other stores!! so that is my review for kohls *****
mary 08/20/2011
Great sale prices on name brand athletic shoes. Can take some time to find the right size, be prepared.
Andrea Kirby 08/19/2011
I feel that Kohls is hit or miss when I go there. Sometimes I come out with many things and great deals so it was affordable, or I go in and cannot find one thing that fits right or the cost is too inflated. I pretty much just go there with coupons and a big sale or clearance or some sort.

Money Saving Tips at Kohl's

If you're looking to save money while shopping at Kohl's, a popular department store, here are some tips to help you maximize your savings:

1. Kohl's Cash: Keep an eye on Kohl's Cash promotions. During these events, you can earn Kohl's Cash for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed on future purchases. Pay attention to the earning periods and redemption dates.

2. Kohl's Rewards Program: Join the Kohl's Yes2You Rewards program to earn points for every dollar spent. Once you accumulate enough points, you'll receive Kohl's Cash that you can use on your purchases.

3. Sign Up for Emails and Mobile Alerts: Subscribe to Kohl's email newsletters and mobile alerts to receive notifications about sales, promotions, and exclusive discounts. Kohl's often sends out coupons to subscribers.

4. Download the Kohl's App: The Kohl's app provides access to exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions. You can also track your Yes2You Rewards and Kohl's Cash through the app.

5. Stack Coupons: Kohl's allows you to stack multiple coupons for a single transaction. Combine department-specific coupons, percentage-off coupons, and Kohl's Cash to maximize your savings.

6. Check for Rebates: Some products at Kohl's may come with mail-in rebates. Look for these opportunities to get a portion of your purchase price back after the sale.

7. Shop During Kohl's Sales Events: Kohl's frequently holds sales events, including seasonal sales, clearance events, and special promotions. Plan your shopping around these events to score the best deals.

8. Price Match Policy: Take advantage of Kohl's price match policy. If you find an identical item at a lower price from a competitor, Kohl's may match the price and give you an additional discount.

9, Use Kohl's Charge Card: If you're a responsible credit card user, consider applying for a Kohl's Charge Card. Cardholders often receive exclusive discounts, early access to sales, and special offers.

10. Shop Clearance and Sale Sections: Explore Kohl's clearance racks and sale sections for discounted items. You can find significant savings on clothing, accessories, and home goods.

11. Take Advantage of Kohl's Free Shipping: Kohl's frequently offers free shipping promotions. Look for these opportunities to save on delivery costs when shopping online.

12. Earn Discounts Through Surveys: Keep an eye on your Kohl's receipts for survey invitations. Completing surveys can sometimes earn you discounts on your next purchase.

13. Shop with Discounted Gift Cards: Consider purchasing discounted Kohl's gift cards through reputable gift card resellers. This can give you an extra discount on top of any ongoing promotions.

14. Utilize Kohl's Kiosk in-store: Some Kohl's locations have in-store kiosks where you can order items online if they're not available in the store. This can help you access a broader selection of products and promotions.

Always check the terms and conditions associated with promotions, coupons, and rewards programs to ensure you maximize your savings at Kohl's. Additionally, consider combining multiple strategies to get the best possible deals.

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FAQs about Kohl's

1. What does Kohl's sell?

Kohl's is a retail department store that sells a wide range of products, including clothing, footwear, home goods, electronics, beauty products, and accessories.

2. Does Kohl's offer online shopping?

Yes, Kohl's provides online shopping through its official website. Customers can browse and purchase items online, and orders can be shipped to their address or picked up in-store.

3. What is Kohl's Cash, and how does it work?

Kohl's Cash is a promotional currency that customers can earn during specified promotional periods. It can be redeemed on future purchases at Kohl's, either in-store or online.

4. Does Kohl's have a loyalty program?

Yes, Kohl's has a loyalty program called Kohl's Rewards. Members earn points on purchases, receive special offers, and enjoy other benefits. Points can be converted into Kohl's Cash.

5. Can I return items to Kohl's without a receipt?

Kohl's generally accepts returns without a receipt, but the refund may be issued in the form of store credit. It's advisable to check with the specific store for their return policy.

6. Does Kohl's price match with other retailers?

Yes, Kohl's has a price match policy where they match competitor prices on identical items if customers provide proof of the lower price.

7. What is the Kohl's Yes2You Rewards program?

The Yes2You Rewards program allows customers to earn points on every purchase at Kohl's. Members receive discounts based on the points earned, and they also get birthday gifts and special offers.

8. Can I stack coupons at Kohl's?

Kohl's allows customers to stack multiple coupons on a single purchase, including department-specific and storewide discounts, as well as Kohl's Cash and Yes2You Rewards.

9. What are the operating hours for Kohl's stores?

The operating hours for Kohl's stores can vary by location and day of the week. Most stores are open seven days a week, with extended hours during holidays and special events.

10. How can I apply for a job at Kohl's?

Job seekers can find information on job openings and apply for positions at Kohl's through the official website or by visiting a local store. Online applications and in-person inquiries are common methods for job applications.

About Kohl's

Kohl's, founded in 1962, has established itself as a prominent American department store chain with a focus on providing customers with a diverse selection of affordable and fashionable products. Operating over 1,100 stores across the United States, Kohl's has become synonymous with accessible style, quality merchandise, and an engaging shopping experience.

Known for its commitment to value, Kohl's offers an extensive range of products, including clothing, footwear, accessories, home goods, and beauty products. The store features an array of well-known brands alongside its private-label lines, providing customers with a broad spectrum of choices.

Kohl's is renowned for its Kohl's Cash program, discounts, and various promotions that contribute to an overall rewarding shopping experience. The store's dedication to community engagement is evident through initiatives like Kohl's Cares, supporting children's health and education programs.

Beyond its retail offerings, Kohl's has embraced e-commerce, providing customers with the convenience of online shopping and in-store pickup options. The company's emphasis on customer-centric practices and a seamless shopping experience has solidified its position as a go-to destination for budget-conscious shoppers seeking a blend of quality, variety, and affordability in the retail landscape.

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