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Jersey Mike's Subs makes fresh sliced, authentic Northeast Style Sub Sandwiches on fresh baked bread. Subs are prepared Mike's Way™ with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, oil, vinegar and spices. More than 500 locations open and under development throughout the United States.


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Lynn 05/16/2022
Totatally our most favorite subs! Also glad you have guten free bread.for our grandaughtern who has to eat gluten-free. AND you carefully even prepare it in a separate area. Thank you.
Ed Reiber 05/15/2022
I used to live in Pa. I really missed a good Hoagie or Cheese Steak. Finally, Jersey Mike's came to Wyoming, Casper. Two locations! They taste as good as anything that I could get back east. They use real cheese, not the cheese wiz. I better end this endorsement, I'm making myself hungry, and the closest Jersey Mike,s is 80+ miles away. Whenever I go to Casper Jersey Mike's is a must-stop.
Danny Miller 03/31/2022
I love Jersey Mike's but you could stay open later..
Margo 03/11/2022
Best philly cheese steak. Roll was soft...easy to eat. So tasty. Have to have one a week!!
Stephanie 03/07/2022
I LUV their Subs the best that's why I keep coming back & for my points.
Fred Abatangelo 01/19/2022
Greetings from Newburgh NY, just want to give the store and staff a great big Shout Out. Calli the on shirt person in charge greeted me when i arrived and Darryl explained the product. What a pleasant experience and very clean store. Thank you Newburgh Jersey Mike's
Gargengirl 01/13/2022
Hi from So. California!! There is NO better Sub than from Jersey Mike's. Fresh bread Fresh everything! You'll love them!
Kathy Newman 01/12/2022
Bread was soft, fresh. and easy to chew, steak was season well. Whole sandwich was delicious. I live in Staunton, Va and will drive to Waynesboro, Va to get another Steak & Cheese Sandwich before the weekend. Service was quick and staff very polite!
Ed Reiber 12/23/2021
Greetings from Wyoming. I'm originally from the Philadelphia area where cheesesteaks and hoagies are a staple for a quick meal. I have missed that since coming to Wyoming, but then I found a Jersey Mikes in Casper. It is over 80 miles but well worth the drive. I include that as a stop while running other errands. What a treat!
Karen Mellert 12/12/2021
Love,love, love your subs
Galleygrl 12/06/2021
The very BEST of Sub sandwiches!. You cant find better! The BEST! Thank you Jersey Mikes in San Clemente and Sendero Plaza. South Orange County, Calif.
Dante Cardone 11/24/2021
For the 4th time this store refused to make me a hot sandwich because they were closing soon. I walked in at 850pm and it says the store closes at 10pm. The dumb employees said they need to change the sign saying they close at 10pm since they close at 9pm now. I will not be returning again. Terrible service and rude employees.
Walt Cunningham 10/25/2021
no prices for anything on your many menus.....Whats the big secret??
Bill Braun 09/26/2021
Great sandwich, friendly service ! Love this place.
Yolanda 08/09/2021
Best sandwiches served with a friendly smile in San Antonio TX
Ed Reiber 07/27/2021
I'm originally from Pa. where folks know what a hoagie is in I'm now in Wyoming and really missed a good sandwich. I found Jersey Mike's on the west side of Casper and was hooked with the first bite. Now they have a 2nd store on 2nd street in Casper. If you want a Sub, go to Subway but if you want a really good hoagie go to Jersey Mike's.
Earl LaPorte 06/21/2021
I just love the your subs they are the best on the market.
GeorgannReiter 05/05/2021
I was at your jersery mikes at mohegan sun. the new casher said we don't do vet discount or free Chips and drink. He did Do It because I ask him to ask other people. Working there.
Gordon Henderson 05/01/2021
New store in Gloucester Virginia but no one answers the phone stays on a busy signal and cannot order ahead not good for customers I drove by there and I know it wasn’t that busy
gus Thompson 03/31/2021
I cant get anyone to take our order today .I tried on line but the system is not working, I tried the phone but no one will answer the phone. WE love your sandwiches.
Jeane C 03/06/2021
Jersey Mike's Subs are the very best. All ingredients are fresh ! And... because I like to add a little extra things here and there, and everywhere, the awesome wonderful staff makes my subs exactly the way I like them. I love the Jersey Mikes food and everyone. Brock always welcomes me with a huge head nod, and I know he is smiling, even though he has his mask on, keeping me and everyone around him safe and well
Debbie M 02/07/2021
Mike's subs are the best around! Their steak and cheese subs are to die for! The steak just melts in your mouth! It's like they just sliced a roast and made a sub!! Their Pizza and wings are also scrumptious! I travel about 20 min out of my way to for Mike's food!!
Debbie 01/14/2021
Best sub anywhere
A. 12/16/2020
Best Philly steak sub ever
Anonymous 11/22/2020
We love Jersey Mike's subs.
Linda 11/22/2020
Great tasting subs. I just wish they weren’t so darn expensive‼️
Zipi Mimran 11/13/2020
Too expensive great sandwiches
V Hurst 11/02/2020
I Love Jersey Mikes. . Awesome sandwiches and subs. #13 my favorite!
Anonymous 10/18/2020
Your Italian subs are the best in all york Pa. We only get subs from you.
Diane Sanchez 10/05/2020
Love it! So much better than way!
Jim M 09/18/2020
We love Jersey Mikes BUT each one is operated by independent person who hires their own people WHICH means SERVICE will be different . Yesterday we went to the one in WOODLAND CA. ordered. 2 giant sandwiches and told them NOT TO PUT HOT PEPPERS on. Well you guess it got home took bite and it had hot peppers. Sandwich. Was suppose to come with mushrooms which were left off. Called store was told no one there to fix someone would call tomorrow (which is today) still No call So BEWARE Check order. Before you leave store $35.00 is a lot for 2 sandwiches that could NOT be eaten because even when we went thru them looking for the peppers the juice was still everywhere .
Mary Piekarski 08/29/2020
I loved, loved, loved Jersey Mike's when I was living in Jersey but there's no Jersey Mike's in Northeast Philly which would be a fantastic place for your business. There's no great hoagie/cheese steak place around. here. 😒!!! Fingers crossed for an opening in the Great Northeast! Yeah!!!
Sheryl 06/22/2020
Best sub shop on the Island!! And I come from Jersey! Favorite is a #11!
Walt Finken 06/14/2020
Awesome sandwiches
Earl 06/10/2020
BEST cheese steak around served. HOT FRESH off the grill, bread is ALWAYS nice and soft, only place l go for this great sandwich
Pete Mendala 06/08/2020
As much as I would to give a great review about Jersey Mike's but today I can't. I went to two locations to use a coupon that was sent to me via email and both locations determined that it was not valid at each even though the coupon had not expired...does this make sense to anyone? Seems to me Jersey Mike's is drumming up business sending 'fake' coupons so you could walk into one of their establishments hoping that if the coupon doesn't work you will still make a purchase Plus, to add, when I attempted to contact their customer relations dept. about this matter, they were conveniently closed in the middle of the day.
Sue Thompson 06/02/2020
Best sandwiches I ever had!
Lee 05/06/2020
I had a free sub for my birthday so went to the Frank Lloyd Wright location in Scottsdale. This was my first outing in two months. Against my better judgement, I went in and waited in line to order. First, they weren't wearing mask. Then I watched a sandwich maker wipe his nose with his hand and continued to make a sandy. Needless to say, I ran out as fast as I could..never to return free sub it not.
Seabeewife 05/05/2020
Best Subs anywhere!!!!! No place makes them better!!!
Bonita Smith 02/25/2020
Best subs around I live in South Hill va. Area and I drive 50 to 55 miles just to get these delicious subs! LOVE JERSEY MIKE'S IN COLONIAL HEIGHTS VA !!!

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