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Great Clips  
Welcome to Great Clips, the premiere no-appointment hair salon chain. Our success has been built around one simple goal: Making sure you get exactly the haircut you want.


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Lou 08/09/2022
Been going to the same Great Clips for over 20 years. I love it!
Joanne 08/08/2022
Great place good stylist
George 08/03/2022
Your pricing yourself out of business
Lois Welman 08/03/2022
Love this place! Price is right and cut is perfect! Thanks!
Karen 08/02/2022
My husband gets his haircut @ our local Great Clips & happy to have them close by.
Louise Driver 07/14/2022
Great service and great hair cuts
Barbara Ettingoff 06/15/2022
great customer service with a super friendly staff
Sr. Margaret McAuliffe 06/11/2022
Quality and Best Haircut. Staff are Superb.
william smith 05/16/2022
Your web site states that masks are required .. today my barber was maskless. whats up ? time to update web site.
dan nible 04/19/2022
I do like the online check in. now to the problem. the shop is closed more than open. Today is Tuesday, the shop is closed till SATURDAY! it's been like this for several months. I'm going to have to find a new company
Fran 04/06/2022
I hate that I have to check in online. My phone won't let ne and loading the app is impossible
Ken Stephens 03/31/2022
You need to get RID of this online sign in, as it's VERY unfair. I tried to sign in, but due to bad internet, it won't work. I show up to an almost empty shop then get booted to the back of the line when the place fills up. Very VERY UNFAIR.
Delores 03/24/2022
Have Delores as a stylist for wife and I. She is really good!
RJ 03/09/2022
Great Clips has a great system for customers with their on line check-in method. Contact a salon via smart phone or computer and you save your place in line with an approximate day/time and the number of "heads" are in line ahead of you. I have visited several Great Clips locations and all appear to be very personable, knowledgeable and very good at their profession (cutting hair just as the customer wants it cut, style and looking the way he/she wishes.
Joseph P. Savenelli 03/06/2022
Great Clips is really great joke! Went to Derby shop (usually th destination since Amity closed) to have Aubrey “Bree” cut my hair. The usual question: Did U register on-line? Same answer I always provide: I’m technologically challenged & require a reasonable accomm odation because I’m a senior citizen, on disability. The reply: Ok, the wait will be over an hr. Hmmph… Well, numerous people came in after me (& my cousin, who got his haircut, before me), & I was just “passed over” by Bree!! THIS is unacceptable, and after being a loyal, faithful customer both there & Amity… I canceled my haircut, afta my cousin finished his. My cousin Tom & I will no longr return to Great Clips!! We were treated unfairly!! ‘nuff said…
Boomer 03/03/2022
Love J she always does an Amazing job and super sweet ✨🌟✨ 41 Harvard
Linda 02/20/2022
I went to Great Clips for a hair cut that was advertised for $8. And some change for first time customers which got my attention. However when I was paying the bill the lady said 18,00$ Well I was surprised since the question I was asked name, address, phone # and if I was a "Senior". Of which I applied yes. The only thing I got was hair cut...no shampoo, set or no color. I feel like I got robbed. I mentioned it to the lady that was helping me and she just grunted at me. I am a Senior Citizen and that is partly why I went there to begin with. I feel like for $18.00 I should at least have gotten a shampoo & set out of it as well as the haircut. My question why tell customers they can get a cut for one price if the store is going to charge whatever they want? (Unless it's a Tip which is to much)
Robert Rivera 06/26/2021
Very good barbers. They keep records of what has been done & what the customer likes. I go to the shoppe in Platt Avenue in Woodland Hills, California.
Anonymous 06/09/2021
Can you make the Great Clips coupons, valid for St. Louis customers? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Anonymous 05/18/2021
I received a superior haircut at my local great clips in Encinitas California. I utilize a coupon for $8.99, otherwise a senior haircut is $18; a bit pricey for a senior citizen.
Sylvia Andro 10/09/2020
Best hair cut since I moved to Florida. Thanks to Stacey.
Marjorie Streich 03/14/2020
Always enjoy having my hair cut at Great Clips! They always do a great job!
Rachel Messinger 03/08/2020
I always have my haircuts at Great Clipd. Would appreciate coupons and How do I enter sweepstakes. Think you. Respectfully,
Teresa 02/05/2020
Linda at the Frankfort West Great Clips does such a good job on my hair
Margot Parenti 01/13/2020
Great service. Always a pleasant experience plus it’s convenient.
Pat Payson 12/29/2019
I always get my haircut at Great Clips. I have never had a complaint about the hair cut I was given. The workers at the Harker Heights shop are always very friendly and personable and if I may need a certain length or a little more taken off they are very nice about doing this. This is the only place in town I get my haircut done. They deserve a nice pat on the back for the job well done.
Thomas King 11/17/2019
Have been to Great Clips. Great service.
Lisa Fyock 11/16/2019
Very Nice Employees, Great Prices!!
Gloria Lambe 08/13/2019
I get a haircut ever 5/6 weeks, and have never rec’d - via mail- a $7.99 coupon for a haircut- but I have friends and family who receive them periodically. Can you tell me how I can get one?
Mikeparkcity 08/06/2019
Watch for their $10 to $12 haircut special they offer after Thanksgiving where you can prepay for as many as you want, then use the card as a credit card for future haircuts at the discounted price (tip can not be used from the card, so be prepared)
Kathryn Hernton 06/26/2019
Why doesn't Great Clips ever post coupons for hair cuts. It's always just hair products. How about some great clip hair trim/cut coupons for money off cuts?
Jim wagner 06/25/2019
Love the place. Great prices and friendly people.
tommytunes48 05/20/2019
Old promos....... How about discounts on haircuts, now thats a promo. Your bus on Fla must have gone down by 50% when the Snowbirds have left. Take care of your steady customers......................
GKJ 04/07/2019
Joanna gives a very good haircut. She’s a conversationalist who actually shows interest in her customers and checks with them as haircut proceeds to be sure she’s doing what has been requested. Portage, IN location
Dianne 04/02/2019
I have always had a good hair cut there but once and she was mad at her boyfriend and got carried away with cutting mine. Their hair products are real good. I have one tube for texture that I having been using for over 6 months . It only takes a tiny bit and it only cost 12 dollars.
Mary 03/12/2019
The San Dimas salon staff does not make a customer feel welcomed, they are very rude, bad attitude and take extra long time cutting a simple hair style.
Judy 02/14/2019
I love it the staff are all so nice and they do a great job
Cynthia 01/19/2019
I love Sarah at Niles Ohio Great Clips. The greatest, has done my hair over 5 years!😁
DOTTY WATKINS 11/27/2018
Great Clips is convenient and you don't have to make appt way in advance ... I think most every stylist there has done my hair............but if candy is free she does it. very friendly.....
Shannon 09/18/2018
I go to great clips by Patrick Henry mall and they have all great beautician's. I've been to all and they all do a great job. You will never be disappointed.

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