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Golden Corral's legendary, endless buffet with a variety of delicious familiar favorites and new menu offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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Beverly R 11/06/2023
Good foods but always the same not many new choices.
Louise Warren 09/02/2023
I bought 2 pcs chicken, mash potatoes and corn. To take home. They charge buffet price ,also by the pound and for the containers to put the food in. By the time I was ready to pay. It was over $17. Absolutley rediculous. Paying for the containers is just wrong.What are you supposed.the food in. The buffet price and by the pound should be enough. Very disappointing.
Ginger Strait 08/28/2023
My husband and I eat at Golden Carroll just about every week. We really enjoy eating there.
lee whiting 08/02/2023
great food we go there a lot.
BRUCE D LIPHUM 03/19/2023
I used to get carry out from you about once a week I am a 71 yr old disabled diabetic and I would get enough food for several days which helped me to get balanced meals to help my diabetes Since you raised your price per lb of food to almost $10 per pond I can no longer afford to eat at your restaurant. You have priced yourself out of reach for those elderly on a fixed income
Rita 02/27/2023
The employees are very nice, the food is great. I love golden corral I go every chance I get. Thanks
Rita 01/27/2023
I wish we had a Golden Corral closer than in Pittsburgh, I use to go to Morgantown WV. till they closed, I don’t get to go that often anymore.
Ron 12/27/2022
Great food but prices for Seniors are too expensive
Pat Bellavia 11/24/2022
The food was very good.
Kathy McFarland 11/12/2022
Why does my sister always get discount coupons in her email when I don't. Alsi every time we visit there is no meatloaf I love your meatloaf.
L. Holmes 09/30/2022
Love the Early Bird Special!
Della Parham 09/01/2022
Food and service is very good. I ate at Stockbridge yesterday and one day last week.
Patricia Kahler 08/25/2022
Visited 8/23/22 for Dinner. VERY Disappointed ! No baked, Fried chicken. Just Crispy, Yuk ! I had to ask for some more to be made with only 2 dried out pieces in the pan. Had to wait 20+ min so, my potatoes. Veggies, etc were cold by then. Very pricey & only .50. Savings for Srs. 😱 Desserts werent that great either. Never coming back. Drinks were 3.49??? Way worse than Country Buffet, which wasnt anything to brag about either !
Janice Shrum 07/25/2022
It is the best place to eat anywhere!
Anonymous 07/20/2022
Cashier is sick and is still running the register not a good thing
Lisa 06/29/2022
Great food nice staff
Jeff 06/28/2022
Love this restaurant lot of good food
Connie H 06/24/2022
Best deal is delish for all u can eat ! All employees are very nice and happy. Amanda was our waitress yesterday 6/23
Michelle P 06/23/2022
My family and I really enjoyed the food as well as the atmosphere but the bathroom needs cleaning.
THAYNE S. LARSEN 06/04/2022
I take my wife and oldest daughter every Friday for dinner. We all love it and look forward to Fridays
Carol and Mike Ellington 05/28/2022
Greenwood is beautiful, food delicious, so glad to have you back open. Looking forward to returning. The steak was grilled to perfection better than a steak place. Carol and Mike Ellington.
KRJS 05/14/2022
My whole family absolutely loves this place Golden Corral is by far the best value for your money place to eat and since the food is wonderful only makes it better.
Yvette Voorhies 05/07/2022
Our Golden Corral was recently remodeled. It is open again and looks really good . The food and the waitresses are excellent.
J. L. Garcia 04/18/2022
Great service and clean restaurant in Harlingen, Tx.
Paul R Carr 04/15/2022
Had lunch there yesterday and it was great. Nice and clean and friendly. Fish was wonderful.
Reta Alvis 03/14/2022
Best all around buffet you can find.
Ethel Kline 02/04/2022
Great food Great prices lovely people
J Stevenin 12/13/2021
I would like to comment on a waitress at the Kansas City Mo. corral. Her name is Nebret. She does an amazing job, taking care of her station and taking care of the bingo players also.
Doyle D Thompson 12/10/2021
I contacted your office about 2 months ago on the quality of this Golden Corral. It is still in bad shape. Presentation and flavor are not good. Deserts are a disaster. Hard to find anything fresh. You should close this place. It's bad!
Jean 10/26/2021
Too expensive
harriet herman 10/22/2021
The golden corral nexto colonial blvd in ft Myers fl tables, chairs and other physical environment like inside entry way needs major updates The ads on tv show a more modern Golden Coral has
Barbara Hepler 09/29/2021
Soy sends a card every year for my birthday and nothing to use it for. Will you folks ever come back to Tennessee. We miss going there for our whole meal and very convenient al well Barbara Hepler
Sharon 09/15/2021
I never did get my free dinner for my birthday mail after I even sent out all them Email to them
Ernie Pett 09/12/2021
Everything is too salty
Ellie Pett 09/12/2021
Love white gravy. Why do so few golden corrals have it.
Raymond A Surdi 08/21/2021
We eat at Golden Coral at least two times per week. It is always good. Lots of selections. Prices is good especially for seniors.
Dianne Johnson 08/17/2021
We eat at Golden Corral every week, never disappointed, great way to get any food you like!
Judy 08/06/2021
We don’t have anymore Golden Corrals. They are all out of business in South Florida.
Juanita Allgood 08/06/2021
It is great very reasonable price and we enjoy that senior early buffet so much

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Money Saving Tips at Golden Corral

1. Take advantage of the early bird special: Golden Corral often offers an early bird special, where you can enjoy breakfast at a discounted price if you arrive before a certain time.

2. Sign up for their Good as Gold Club: When you sign up for the Good as Gold Club, you'll receive exclusive offers and coupons, including discounts on your meals and notifications of special events.

3. Look for coupons: Check online coupon sites or local newspapers for current coupons and promotions. These can offer discounts on your entire purchase or specific meals.

4. Eat during lunch instead of dinner: Lunch prices are often lower than dinner prices, so consider visiting Golden Corral during lunchtime to save money.

5. Skip the drinks: Beverages can add up quickly, so consider drinking water instead of soda or other drinks. This can save you a few dollars per meal.

6. Visit on special occasions: Golden Corral often offers discounts or special promotions on holidays, such as Mother's Day or Veterans Day.

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