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Firehouse Subs (lunch or dinner sandwiches) is a great fast food franchise with franchise opportunites in the subs (lunch or dinner sandwich) industry.


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Karen Kelley 12/02/2023
I love firehouse sub. Subway can’t hold a candle to firehouse
BETTY 09/14/2023
Jeanturner 10/11/2022
The best subs always consistent; always greasy love it
Debra Phelps 10/05/2022
Very good subs. I called to order and asked if I had correct change may an employee come to my car window and hand it to me? The person said "absolutely not, we don't do that!" I have to use a walker and it is hard to get it out of the car. ALSO, the website says curbside service. I called the main number and they said they should of brought it to me but they just said they were sorry for my experience. No more Firehouse for me.
Elaine 06/02/2022
I'm done with Firehouse Subs stayed away hoping things would get better. I went yesterday and the bread was sooooooo stale and hard not to mention the toppings lettuce was bitter from setting so long and the onions and tomato had withered last year pickle was spongy with no snap!!! I ordered a hot sub cheese was not melted because the sub was so cold. I really want my11.00 back, I thought a upgraded soda was the same when you get a combo but she charged additional.73 cents for the upgrade rip off!!!!!!!!
Karen 02/07/2022
Can’t understand why a small bowl of chili is $6.29 . It’s good chili but not 6 ounces for $6.00 good .
Lloyd 02/02/2022
We really enjoy there subs when we are in Parkersburg, WV
Kathy 01/16/2022
we have enjoyed these subs for a great cause since we had them in Pa and would hope you could open one in Webster,New York.
Gary Stack 01/15/2022
Subs were so so. Forgot the onions and peppers on cheese steak sub. Very skimpy on the cheese and meat. Ordered online and was supposed to get "rapid" service, but still had to wait 30 minutes. It definitely isn't the same as it used to be.
Connie Young 01/13/2022
The food is good. Very clean place
Loretta 01/02/2022
The subs were delicious.
linda 11/14/2021
had the worst sub ever! too much mayo and couldn't even hold the sub together...everything fell out of bread/ate here awhile ago so we thought we try it again...sub was nowhere near to what i expected. u need to train people how to make a sub and how to put the meat on instead of a glob of meat on the bread and globs of mayo and 1 sliver of onion. i guess i can go to the subway again. thanks for ruining my dinner. by the way this was in alton illinois
Chloe 08/31/2020
Food was amazing, great service always
Portia 04/09/2019
Firehouse Sub are Great, it's better than Subway. My granddaughter and I will be coming this weekend to enjoy lunch at Firehouse Sub.
Frances 04/09/2019
Ordered a blt w/mustard only from firehouse subs on Chapel Hill Rd in Douglasville Ga., and it was smothered in mayo when I got back to office. Took sandwich back and complained, asked for blt w/mustard again and got back to office and when I opened the sandwich, I had a bacon w/mustard sandwich. Two blatant mistakes on one order in less than an hour. I called and asked for manager to complain and these people do not care. I was told that was what I ordered am what I got. I asked who orders a bacon and mustard sandwich. No offer to fix the problem this time. I askes the person I was speaking to how hard is it to put 3 ingredients w/mustard on a sandwich. No answer. I told him I will not enter their restaurant again, that there are more sandwich restaurants to eat at in Douglasville and he said "have a good day ma'am" and hung up on me. Then I find out there is no corporate office to file complaints to. From now on, our office will be frequenting Jersey Mike's that just opened and Jason's Deli that is on chapel hill rd just down the road . Being built right now. Can't wait. Good bye Firehouse Subs.
fred chapman 12/16/2018
The subs that we had this week were the best subs we ever had very fresh.
R G 10/15/2018
I ordered a turkey and cranberry. Just that on a white bread. The turkey and cranberry was so skimpy. Little of each. So disappointed. Very little of each. So sad....
Glenda Dove 07/09/2018
I’ve always had great service at the Tifton Firehouse until today 7/08/18 at approximately 1:00 p.m. Very unfriendly Cashier. Ordered my usual Large split basket combo Turkey Bacon Ranch!! Very little turkey and 1 strip of bacon on the bread and that was it. Wow had to pay the same price as usual.
Terry 06/29/2017
Love your food but your process for customer surveys really sucks. Would really love to share my thoughts on my visit today but can't figure out how to do it. Followed your instructions on the receipt but can't figure out how to start the survey. Looks more like you are trying to get me to buy something from survey monkey instead of finding out what I think. Win $500 trick is irritating and makes me uninterested in Firehouse any longer. There are other places to get good food that actually want to know my opinion.
Latonia Matthews 09/21/2016
Eating at firehouse sub is like heaven. Friendly atmosphere and fantastic food. Always fresh and tasty.
Patricia Marie Jacobs 09/23/2011
Excellent, excellent sub sandwiches. Locations, personnel, equipment, ALL are very impressive. The variety of choices is great. Nothing bad I can say about these sub sandwich restaurants.

Money Saving Tips at Firehouse Subs

1. Join the Firehouse Subs rewards program: By signing up for the rewards program, you'll earn points on your purchases that can be redeemed for free subs, drinks, and other menu items. You'll also receive exclusive offers and deals via email.

2. Look for daily specials: Firehouse Subs offers daily specials on certain menu items, which can be a good way to save money. Check with your local Firehouse Subs to see what their daily specials are.

3. Purchase combo meals: Firehouse Subs offers combo meals that include a sub, chips, and a drink at a discounted price. This can be a good option if you're looking for a full meal.

4. Use coupons: Firehouse Subs occasionally offers coupons through their website, email newsletter, or social media channels. These coupons can offer discounts on menu items or even free items with a purchase.

5. Order a half portion: Firehouse Subs offers half portions of their subs at a lower price than the full portion. If you don't need a full sub, consider ordering a half portion instead.

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