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Jacqueline 06/01/2020
Donn’t think I could make it without Dollar Tree!! They are wonderful! They have saved me lots of money on items that the other stores charge a fortune for, from makeup to household items to gift cards for my many grandchildren! Love Dollar Tree!! Jackie
Linda 09/10/2019
Dollar tree from Firestone in city of Downey. It's the Best. No one like them. Clean and great customer service
Anonymous 04/08/2019
Long lines one cashier, stock every where on the floors, if u ask them if they have item they say don’t know even though I’ve bought it there b4 then, if u find it by accident they say one of the customers did it to mess with them, asked when they r getting next Delivery and when will shelves b restocked, was told when ever we get to it we get to it, very uncaring staff
Katherine Ann Kaminski (Me) 03/11/2019
Stores r usually a mess, shelves empty, stuff thrown all over the floor and out of lot of items I’m looking for. if u ask a clerk When it will b replenish there dumbfounded only one cashier, most times extremely long lines.
P 01/08/2019
Good deals, but store is always a mess with there stick in aisles. Needs more help.
Carol B 12/31/2018
The only thing wrong with Dollar Tree is I spend to much money . Lol.
P 12/17/2018
Deals are good. But store is a mess. Boxes pilled all over place. Needs help to stock shelves.
Betty Leach 12/17/2018
great for household cleaning supplies, gift cards, décor, foods ,and lots more.
Geri 12/12/2018
I LUVVV the $tree. They have GREAT greeting cards too.
Jewel 12/03/2018
Our Dollar tree seems to be very disorganized. I can never find the great toys other people haul. This department is always a mess.
Peggy Sue 11/15/2018
I love dollar tree. I teach a class Wednesday night at church. I'm on a fixed income and I buy all of my class essentials there. I have a problem with the store in Seymour, Ind. It is dirty and not organized at all. There are isles blocked off with stock still in the boxes too.
Elizabeth Carver 10/04/2018
I am a dollar tree aholic. everything in my house is from dollar tree. I litteratly live a block from my dollar tree.
Silvia 09/19/2018
I am event decor person so I love The Dollar store for my Decor shopping..
Angelita Narvaez 09/15/2018
I love dollar tree My favorite store . Thank you dollar tree.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jo Ann Kramer 09/12/2018
Love dollar tree! Great bargains and variety to choose from. Look forward to purchasing items when they display each season or holiday. The store is always clean and stocked.
Andrea 07/18/2018
I have always been happy with dollar tree. You just can't beat the price.
Penny 07/08/2018
I use to shop there a lot, but lately everything I buy in packages, when I open is broke, even with receipt and they can plainly see not used, ever, they will not exchange.
Mary harris 07/06/2018
I love dollar tree great prices great buys
Anonymous 04/10/2018
I love shopping that the Dollar Tree. The only thing wrong is a pick up to many things 😁😁😁
Myrtle woollen 01/10/2018
I love that store. Most of my shopping done there
Charlene Brooks 12/06/2017
My hubby and I love Dollar Tree! Great prices and a fun place to shop
Tammy bailey 12/01/2017
You have a very nice store. I buy my cat food there and bleach and alot of other items
Anonymous 09/23/2017
I love your store has great items with affordable prices. I make wreaths and you have a lot of items I can use for different designs. I appreciate your employees always helpful and very nice
Juliet M Schnyder 08/22/2017
I love Dollar Tree their balloons candy, cards etc.
Cat 06/11/2017
I like your store a great deal.
Hilda 05/19/2017
The Dollar Tree is my ABSOLUTELY my favorite store of all time.. it's affordable, clean and neat, clerks are nice, helpful people. Especially living on Disability checks. I look forward to going to see what's new with the different holidays.. THANK YOU! Dollar Tree!!
Amy 04/19/2017
I love dollar tree stores, it has been my favorite store in the world because you can get cheap but very nice things there for the family and more.
Betty 01/28/2017
I love shopping at dollar tree, saves me lots of money.
Daisy 01/24/2017
Love going every week to see what's new
Pherry Johnston 12/23/2016
Went to Dollar Tree at cidar springs , I bought 3candy bars and when the cashier scanned them they were 3 cent . The cashier took off to the manager , then she came over and said U can't have these they are ringing up 3 cent . I said why not ! I said U can't have them the price is not right . Well customers are always right I said ! She said well you can't have them ! She talked very hateful ! The way I see it it should have been my gain because it would have been their loss.
Tyrone Grant 12/10/2016
I really like shopping at Dollar Tree.
Rosie 06/21/2016
Dollar Tree is great, affordable, convenient and super. WOOHOO Love it
Melissa 05/07/2016
I love the deals

About Dollar Tree

They have worked hard to create an environment where shopping is fun... a place where their customers can discover new treasures every week... a store where entire families can enjoy hunting for that special something. Every Dollar Tree store is bright and theyll lit, clean and theyll organized, and stocked with endless hidden treasures!

Just as important, especially during these tough economic times, they continue to offer their customers products they need at extreme values! they carry a broad, exciting mix of merchandise that includes many trusted national and regional brands. Some of the product departments you'll find at Dollar Tree include housewares, glassware, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, candy, snacks, food, health and beauty, toys, gifts, gift bags and wrap, party supplies, stationery, craft supplies, teaching supplies, books, seasonal décor, and more! Everything you need for every day, every holiday, every occasion... and every single item is only $1 (or less)!

The best part is that there is probably a Dollar Tree store near you! They are a national company with thousands of stores conveniently located in shopping centers and malls in all 48 contiguous states. You can also shop online for larger quantities of the same items you'd find in their stores, plus download craft and project sheets, take advantage of online exclusives and manufacturer closeouts, and get great ideas on their small business, teacher, non-profit/charities, craft, and wedding pages. We invite you to come check Dollar Tree out, compare their prices, and stretch your dollars by shopping with Dollar Tree

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