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John Boyd 02/20/2023
I’ve been here for 45 minutes snd haven’t even got a cup of coffee. Worst service I have ever been involved.
Reggie 01/21/2023
3 times-denny's. Inn.rio rancho gave me and my wife bad serves cold food. We will not go again . Thank you
Mac 09/21/2022
Love the Denny's in Prescott Valley. Like all of the waitresses. John runs a really good ship there. Just a pity that corporate decided to eliminate the best spaghetti in town. Couldn't resist that little jab.
Valerie Lawrence 10/30/2021
I think it could be cleaner. It is cleaner than it was and we appreciate it.
Anonymous 07/02/2021
Why can't I find 20% printable coupons anymore. We eat at Denny's all the time?!?
Paula 04/08/2021
Love Denny's at the truck stop! In Kingman Arizona 🤗💜🌷
Mad Shopper 03/30/2021
Denny's OK. Not enough deals or specials.
Paul Engeldinger 09/19/2020
I love Dennys. But being charged 0.89 to ad a few onion bits on my salad is a bit outrageous.
Itandehui Garcia 11/18/2019
I stopped by your Puyallup location and I’m completely dissatisfied with my order of chicken strips and onion rings. Taste like you try to save money on your oil. Was disgusting
Marlene owens 01/29/2019
I rec'd my free grand slam 4 my birthday, but will not be able 2 use i it that day, employees say ,it has 2 be used on birthday day only, what is up with this??why not extended extra days to be able 2 use???await your reply, thanks , marlene o,,
Vickie Whitley 01/08/2019
We ate breakfast often there, but won't any more. You did away with the Super Slam and that was what my husband got.
Donna 12/31/2018
We eat at Denny's often, but are upset because they no longer have Clam Chowder on Fridays. Last week we went to Dennys, and they did not have any tartar sauce for the fish I ordered, I can't eat fish without tartar sauce!
June pugliese 03/20/2018
We love to eat at Denny’s in Royal Palm beach. The girls are fantastic and the food is great. We eat there at least once or twice a day. The cooks are wonderful as well. Keep up the good work.
Michael Thielman 02/02/2018
Why do you not make same offer to AMAC members. (Association of mature American citizens) they do more for Americans than aarp
Cynthia Charvala 11/17/2017
We had the best service and great food at our local Denny's -zip13206-Great Job!
Leidy madrid 04/02/2017
I love it denny.. Food is great. Thank u denny .. Employes is very good..
Essie Jones 03/11/2017
My husband and I love Denny's the food is great and the prices or are affordable, the workers are very caring, respectful and helpful at all times. Thank you Denny's & Employees
William 02/27/2017
It is 648 p.m. and I'm at the Denny's on Century Avenue in Oakdale the manager or individual taking the orders for takeout I thought was rude and I have been coming to Denny's for over 30 years. I was told there are no discounts at all on takeout orders. I looked online and it said 15% on all AARP orders does not signify not on takeout
Jacque Coar 01/31/2017
I love Danny. Danny is one of the best restaurants that there it has adjustment to your money and food is great and you can eat a lot for Less. the atmosphere especially over on Country Club and Southern and Mesa with all the waitresses that I know including Nikki Carrie Kathy Denise and a lot more new ones that have come aboard
Rosa Sorto 01/19/2017
From- Miami FL 😋Good service,good food and price with coupon
Steve S. 01/08/2017
In Ripon, CA. Good service, good food and good price with coupon.
Missy Bryson 12/30/2016
I am here at Denny's on wade Hampton in Greenville, SC. I received my food warm not hot. I had to send it back. I order hash brown and they were over cooked.
Jan Roberts 11/19/2016
Traveled across the nation in Oct.,always using Denny's as our meal eatery, love this establishment but yesterday we were in one of the dirtiest Denny's EVER, BlueSprings,Mo. I know it's independently owned but it is a reflection of Dennys,reguardless. Check it out! Food was good, place was filthy
Joseph Chillari 10/26/2016
Two out of a party of four selected wide salmon skillet. We both agreed that the salmon was dry and bland. I believe that they need some help in preparing this dish.
Debbie 10/10/2016
My daughter took me for breakfast. it was so good. love it. better then IHOP
Anonymous 10/01/2016
Love Dennys, stop as often as we can find one while we're traveling. Really like the idea you serve gluten free English muffins
Harriett S Douglas 09/11/2016
We like Dennys We meet our friends there to eat on Friday or Saturday night The food is good and the atmosphere is very enjoyable the waitresses or waiters are friendly and that makes things better We have recommended it to others The coupon comes in very handy especially when you are on a budget
Carolee 02/25/2013
I had the chicken skillet last week. The salad was large, the skillet was good as was the pecan pie. Great value for the money.
Jerry Hicks 02/25/2013
Denny is our favorite place to eat at the truck stop in Haines City. And business has gotton so go now they are having a hard time keeping up all the customers. Main thing customers are having to wait to long to be seated or to pay their bills. The hostess is so busy picking up dirty dishes she is not in the front very often, even seen her helping with the cooking. What this Denny needs is a full time bus boy to pick up the dirty dishes during the busy time, other tme the bus boy could make sure the bathrooms are clean and help wash the dishes. This Denny is so popular now it needs more staff.
carmen ruiz 07/17/2011
the food is just like home. wonderful.

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