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The Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Old Country Store is located throughout the United States, providing a casual dining atmosphere. Our family restaurant is a perfect stop while traveling.


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Jane Juris 12/03/2021
I enjoy going to Cracker Bsrrel. Love the store too.
Margaret 10/06/2021
When you order family meal take out, be sure you have all that comes with the meal. We were shorted the pan of yeast rolls. Had chicken accompaniments with ham :(
Norma Delrocini 10/01/2021
The last 3 times we were at recovery Delaware cracked barrel was horrible not sure how you can mess up grill cheese and vegetable soup both came out cold. Next time got some one else's order my sister in law was done eating before I even got the meal I ordered. Plenty of servers the third time waited 45 min everyone around us came in after. Ate and left .
Anonymous 09/10/2021
Food and service has gotten better since the pandemic
Kevin 07/28/2021
I've always had great service from any of the servers..the food is always excellent for a fair price..I dine there 3 times a week
Sue Conder 07/19/2021
We went to our Local Cracker Barrel in Terre Haute Indian & had the worst service we had ever had since we got married 45 yrs ah. At no time did we have a server tell us they were our server for the even. After 1 taking drink order, one took our order no one checked back to refill our drinks or give an update on our order. My husband ran out of tea. A third server stopped by finally even though she said she had a large group she was servingshe said I’ll be back. This was a little after five, we walked right in & were seated. You were not busy at all when we arrived. The food after waiting so long was good. But I have never not known who my server was. We had no idea who to ask anything or who to leave a tip which we are normally great tippers, but not that day. Their excuse was we’re busy. But this was @ 5 pm & you hadn’t gotten busy yet. Just very very disappointed.
Marsha 07/04/2021
DISAPPOINTED Had to leave After making a special visit having driven 50 minutes to get there… we left and ended up eating at Panera !!! 1 hour -2 hour wait
Charlotte Hardwick 04/21/2021
Love eat at cracker barrel
Carol Byrnes 03/17/2021
My favorite place to eat in the whole wide world and I love to shop there as well
Mike Hulke 12/19/2020
Had to wait for my food they had given my order to someone else
Thelma Dailey 12/16/2020
My favorite place to eat ❣️❣️ love the old time atmosphere and of course the food. But I love shopping there too❣️❣️
Nannie Hays 12/13/2020
We had the worst experience at Cracker Barrel in Fort Worth. Took about 45 minutes to get food, which was barely warm. Portion size was ridiculous! Manager was unreceptive to complaints.
Diana Lebednikas 10/28/2020
Love the food. we try to go once a month
Luanne Scholten 10/19/2020
I visited the Grandville MI, Wilson Ave store 3 times in past 6 months........BUT could NOT even get a table for one. Hostess said every time..."It'll be over an hour wait"....You lost my sales. Neither time was I there at a peak time to be seated.
dwaine 10/11/2020
Its hard to give complaints to cracker barrel long app lots of history. I'd like for you to put grilled pork chops back on menu even if you have to charge more
Sarah Whicker 10/07/2020
Concerned about the Scottsburg, Indiana location. There were no bus boys and the servers were handling dirty dishes with no gloves.
Joyce Boyer 08/23/2020
Just ordered the 2 piece Country fried Chicken. Excellent. The young people taking the orders just so friendly even though it was really busy., Purchased 5:Gift cards for Grandaughter. Thanks.
Betty sutton 08/23/2020
Love cracker barrel but feel it has gone down hill last 5 visits good was cold
Doris Saunders 07/24/2020
Put some coupons out or have specials on your food like other restaurants do.
Ellie Neighbors 11/17/2019
We like Cracker Barrel best of most of the places in Council Bluffs. It is a little loud some times but it is still our favorite place to eat great food
Anonymous 11/17/2019
Live in Iowa have 2 in the state wanting to know if you could build one in Iowa City area near highway would get good business
Jenila Brower 03/12/2019
We visited your location in Belton, MO for dinner on 03/10/2019. Our service was not good. We had to wait forever to get drinks/refills. The chicken was overcooked and dried out to where it was nearly impossible to chew.. The sandwich was also overcooked and hard to chew. On checkout, we told the cashier and she asked if we wanted to speak to a manager. I said no because we had a small child with us who was acting up and needed to go home and go to bed. I do not know where to put in my code When I put in crackerbarrel-listens.com, I get a survey for Taco Bell and Dollar Tree or a site to put in an application for employment. Very confusing. My Access Code is: 07626204044648.
Henry Conway, Jr. 02/13/2019
We eat at the Cracker Barrel every time we are in Macclenny,FL (near Jacksonville, FL.) Never had a bad meal. The service is excellent and we have enjoyed ourselves.
Jean 09/10/2018
Service in North Little Rock is not that great anymore especially the afternoon and evening hours. Don't know who reads these but maybe a manager will be notified.
Peggy Shaw 08/06/2018
Love this Place, food is always great, good service and we go as often as we can.
Carol summers 06/06/2018
After seeing the campfire dinners I decided to have the chicken. I have had the ones in aluminum before. I dont know where they got that baby chicken but it wasnt like the TV is or the ones I've had in years past. If I were a first time customer I wouldn't come back.
Kathleen Buckner 01/30/2018
I order one of the Thurday entree specials and it was terrible. The turkey slices and dressing w/gravy was the worst i ever ate from Cracker Barrell.
Carol Burton 11/24/2017
We had dinner at CB in Dalton, GA tonight. Anita was our server. She was the best!!!
Rosemary Meyer 01/29/2017
The Very best place to dine anytime of the day! Service is great, waiters and the old country gift shop friendly place. Love it R Meyer Yuma Az
Kathy Abell 12/09/2016
The service seems to be getting better. Appear to have weeded out some of the "slug" wait staff. Some of the old ones were very stupid too.we love McKenzie: we always ask for her when we come in.
Daryl Borden 08/10/2016
Cracker Barrel is my Second Home I eat there 7 to 12 times a week! I have eaten at Cracker Barrel since they have been in business,Thankyou very much!
Rika 07/06/2016
I was there today with 2 friends. There is no restaurant that can compare with cracker barrel. Handsome waiter. Good food. Priced right. Most important.....handsome waiter.
Steve Yerg 07/04/2012
This is my wife and my favorite place to go. Not only can you get a great meal, quickly, but the wife can shop if you have to wait, or after you eat your simply delicious dinner, breakfast, or lunch.

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