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Cousins Subs is a gourmet sandwich shop serving the Midwest and Arizona. Find a Cousins restaurant location, look up sandwich nutritional information or check out franchising opportunities.


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Lorrie Klessig 06/05/2019
Just spent the last 20 minutes listening to 2 employees complaining about co-workers. Very unappealing.
leroy butler 06/17/2018
Ben and Sarah are just awesome, very professional and very quick
Gregory 03/29/2018
Good food; great taste.
Scott 08/02/2017
Good food and good customer service
Angelina 05/26/2017
The subs was really good. I liked how the cashier was nice to us. They got my sub correctly, everything I asked was there.
Karen 05/24/2017
Usually like my sub but worst sub ever today! 2 thin slices turkey, one small slice of tomato, very little lettuce & way too much honey mustard sauce- awful!!
Felicia sanford 10/30/2016
I went to the one on miller parkway first time last night. subs were not right. she remade one and still didnt do it right. need better listening skills
Nick 09/30/2016
I had the double cheesteak and for 10 dollars it was not enough meat
Gertrude 08/12/2016
I love it I can eat it everyday

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