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Sandra Rushing 12/18/2018
Your employees are Awesome as well as the food.
Barbara Arnold 12/13/2018
Your chicken is the best I have ever eaten however it would be nice to be able to have baked potatoes.
Alley Cat 10/22/2018
Very disappointed about the Discontinuing of Chick-fil-A school supply drive back in August in the Tidewater (Military) area and the yearly Cow calendars. These were 2 very important community projects that Chick- fil-A customers rallied around and supported. Please reconsider and bring them back next year. We need community minded supporters like Chick-fil-A. Love the chicken sandwiches and salads!
Chet Elfenbein 10/08/2018
Nothing, nothing at all beats ARBYS for variety and value. They’re fries don’t compare to waffled fries!
Dawn melvin 10/05/2018
I have not been there since they change there app I dont under stand how to work it. I brought my family in and spent 45.00 and did not get anything in return. I was going in eating about 3 times as week, I love there milk shakes and sandwich. Maybe I will try again. Dawn melvin
Michele styers 10/02/2018
Love , your chocolate chip cookies ... best in the world can some order 24 for a party or do ya have to go in and hope they have 25👍
Lee 09/13/2018
wonderful place to eat for the whole family. very clean and the employees are all very nice.
Rebecca Swink 09/06/2018
Love what their company stands for👍❣️
Elaine p 08/24/2018
I'm so in love with chic fil a it's my favorite place to eat !
Marion Conley 08/23/2018
Just love their chicken sandwiches.THE BEST ALL AROUND🤗🤗🤗
Gloria loffler 08/09/2018
Love it first time I tried it we were in Virginia, excellent food, wish we had this store in New York state
Patricia 07/22/2018
They are the best,business ways and very courageous to stand up for what the believe! they have the BEST FOOD ANYWHEE
Kathy Sowa 07/15/2018
Your chicken sandwiches are great but your drive-through design in Lake Zürich is terrible. Who designed that? Someone that likes to drive in circles?
Maria 07/09/2018
Love the food and the workers
Jackie 07/06/2018
Love Chick-fil-A !!!! They never disappointed with food or service. Always a smiling face.
Betty 06/09/2018
Yummy chix sandwiches wonderful For entertaining late evening parties!!
Brittany 05/17/2018
Chick-fil-A always have great service. They always say my pleasure at the end. You guys have great customer service Everytime . And always great food.
Jean 05/10/2018
Love the food, but getting fries or drinks as bonus w/ calendar card not so great or healthy! Rather have meat or salad each time!
Raven Catledge 04/18/2018
The customer service is superb, specifically the one located in Elmhurst, illinois.
Anonymous 02/17/2018
I love Chick-fil-A, great food all employees fast and efficient. They always greet you when you come in they're very friendly and willing to help if you have any questions.
Vickie 02/09/2018
I was a little disappointed in my grilled chicken sandwich. The meat was a small triangle shape and a lot of the bun without meat. I usually just get grilled nuggets.
Maria salinas 01/20/2018
Love me some Chick-fil-a, I fill happier and content after each meal!
Natallie James 01/07/2018
The price is affordable, the taste is enjoyable and the unique quality is unbeatable.
Deborah Johnson 12/07/2017
I love Chic Fil A 's number 2 spicy meal. It is delicious.
Ali McGraw 11/15/2017
Employees always so nice. Ur store is always clean and the service is great. The food is also great.
Sherry 11/03/2017
Love my Chick-fil-A. Employees are always friendly. The Morristown, Tennessee location is always so clean. Just can’t say enough about this store.
Maggie Smith 10/17/2017
Picked up grilled chicken sandwich which was very good.
Cristi Lewis 09/14/2017
Love your food!Especially the macaroni & cheese omg soooo good your chicken is "THE " best! I definitely eat more than I ever had.Thanks
anthony 09/11/2017
It a shame to exclude people from your promotions because they do not have a smart phone. I am 78 years old and a loyal CF customer and do not need the complications of the digital age. E-mai is as for as I care to go.
Maria 08/31/2017
Chic Fila La Cheltenham, Pa. Is the best ever. Always, professional and polite
Lopez 08/22/2017
My two little boys love to eat at chick fil a. They always have a lot fun and delicious chicken strips.
Bisa 08/03/2017
Like chik -fil-A . service could be faster.
Cheryl 07/12/2017
We love Chick fil a! It's our favorite. Love the diet lemonade & the peach milkshakes!!!!
Fred 06/23/2017
Worst chick-fil-a ever. They gave me a nugget or a strip in my filet sandwich and it was cold. Located in Grovetown GA
Martha Rhoton 06/15/2017
Love chickfilet. My favorite place to eat.
"Cowboy" Richard + Ariella 06/07/2017
Great Staff at I-45,+ Crosstimbers, Especially, Annette- Great Smile+Personality. I, recommend this place, to every-body.
Margaret Stacey 04/16/2017
Chick-fil-A should be the only fast food restaurant allowed, it's the only one I will eat from. We need a Chick-fil-A in Smithfield, VA.
Sandi Donohue 02/02/2017
I followed all the steps and was told that I had won a $50 coupon. I sent 15 emails per the directions and attempted several times to complete the forms. It says that I never completed step 2. I did . . .15 times!!!! I am upset! I thought your company was dependable!
Dolores 01/18/2017
We enjoy Chick-Gil-A. We want calendar card & haven't been able to get one or have you reply to my comment asking how to I obtain a calendar card.
Dianna Johnston 12/28/2016
I was very disappointed @ my visit to your establishment in Valdosta GA today. I asked for my senior discount & the young lady said she could not give one to me in any form as they no longer had a manager so corporate would not allow it. Truly sad my friend..

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