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Carrabba's offers flavorful, handmade Italian dishes prepared to order in a lively display kitchen. Specialties include a variety of fresh fish, seafood and meats


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George M Coladonato 02/18/2023
Great Italian food with friendly, helpful service.
Anonymous 04/18/2022
We are very disappointed! Went there 2 weeks ago to celebrate 2 special occasions on that day. I didn’t want to go because of previous problems there, but my family members still wanted to go. It was FREEZING in there and we ordered 3 steaks all med-well with 1 of them being the larger size steak. They all came the SAME size and EXTREMELY dry. We complained and they replaced one steak. I poured sauce from the mozzarella sticks on mine to try to moisten it. They did nothing about turning up the heat or at least humoring us about it. (The waiter just shrugged his shoulders.) I called to complain to manager and he did not rectify the situation. We will not be going back.
Anonymous 02/17/2022
Love this restaurant I frequently enjoy the carrabba’s in Matthew, N.C it’s about 1hour and 15 min drive. I don’t care love this place.
Janet Poor 04/07/2021
Scrumptious & our favorite place!!! YUMMY!
Paul R. Carr 02/03/2021
In San Antonio, TX. Service and food are excellent.
Maryann 07/23/2020
Lunch specials shown on line not available at Carrabba's in Woodridge. Very disappointing. You would think they would want to have us come back.
Monica 12/20/2019
So very disappointed that you can no longer participate in amore Monday unless you dine in. I would faithfully go to Carrabba's every Monday until a couple months ago when they said there has been a computer glitch and it should have never been an option for carryout.
Frank 😊😊😊😊 07/23/2019
I’m here in Az, and Carrabbas is my absolute favorite. I would eat there every day if I could😊😊😊
Anonymous 01/21/2019
Tonights dinning at Carrabba's Italian Grill at 60 Palmetto Ave in Merritt Island Florida was very disappointing for us. We have been a long time loyal frequent customer at Carrabba's. Tonight was just awful and we feel embarrassed. It is no longer about the $25 gift card, it is about shame and the way your manager ROLLED HIS EYES at us. Here is what happened: we attempted to use a $25 gift card. All we had was the receipt from showing the purchase. We did not have the actual gift card. The receipt shows the the authorization # 002500, the reference number #0727010000463, the transaction date of 7/27/18 and the number (in bold) 0463. It was embarrassing how the manager failed to address our issue. If the issue stays at it is right now, you will have lost 2 good clients.
Deboran Snyder 01/01/2019
I love love carrabas here in Florida and in fayetteville, ny...one of my favorite places.....
Nadia 12/19/2018
Love Your restaurant in Scottsdale, but best of all your meals are great!!!! I could come in for your soup and salad and would be satisfied!!!!!
marie barnett 09/10/2018
best italian restaurant, had pork medalions and italian spinace, love it; went back again and no italian spinach (was disappointed). went 9/4/2018 for birthday and got a free dessert, am very happy going there, love the bread and oil, reminds me of philly,
Rosemary White 07/14/2017
They have gluten free dishes now I am so happy!!
Debra 02/18/2013
My husband and I have been enjoying Carrabbas meals for several years. My favorites are the Tilapia Wolfe and the Lobster Rambo-both of which are no longer on the menu. The staff at our Carrabbas will make both dishes upon request and the flavors are excellent.
Judy 01/25/2013
Visited for the first time in December of 2012, the food was outstanding, and the service was wonderful. The total experience was very enjoyable, and we will go again, very soon. And with a coupon, made the expense very low.
DAVID CASTRO 09/14/2012
My family loves carrabbas. The steak with mashed potatoes is awesome.The soups are great and the ambience is excelent.
LManning 05/09/2012
We love Carrabbas! We pretty much go every Friday night! They have the best manicotti! The Sangrias are wonderful. The service is amazing. It is our favorite restuarant.
T. Finnell 04/20/2012
My sister introduced Carrabbas restaurant to me years ago and it is still my favorite restaurant. I enjoy the hospitality, the atmosphere, and deffinately the food. My sister eats there at least 3 times a week and I do as much as I can since the closest one is about 1 hour away. It is worth the drive.
Roger & Marsha Laurence 07/08/2011
The GREATEST and sooo close to attend for any special event.

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1. Sign up for the Amici Club: Join the Carrabba's Amici Club and receive exclusive deals, rewards, and offers.

2. Look for Coupons: Check the Carrabba's website, local newspapers, and coupon sites for printable coupons or promo codes.

3. Order from the Lunch Menu: Carrabba's offers affordable lunch options that are typically smaller portions than dinner items.

4. Share a Meal: Portions at Carrabba's can be quite large, so consider sharing a meal with a friend or family member to save money.

5. Go during Happy Hour: Carrabba's offers a happy hour menu with discounted drinks and appetizers, typically between 3 pm to 6 pm.

6. Combo Deals: Carrabba's offers combo deals that include a main course, a side, and a salad or soup at a discounted price. Keep an eye out for these deals to save money on your next visit.

7. Take Advantage of Special Events: Carrabba's occasionally offers special events and promotions, such as Wine Wednesday or Pizza and Wine Night, that offer discounts on select items.

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