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Buffalo Wild Wings  
Looking for a Grill & Bar restaurant near you offering wings, beer & live sports? Buffalo Wild Wings offers all of these and professional bartenders, fresh chicken ...


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Amatha Parrish 07/23/2022
We had the best food and the best service tonight Destiny was very helpful with suggestions and service. Was a good dining experience .
Kat 01/28/2022
Disappointed they stopped buy 1 get 1 free in Fl… on Tues… now it’s buy 1 get 1 at 50% off! It’s no longer a good deal. Wings are expensive and now w the 50% off instead of free - it’s not worth it. With tax tip etc it’s not good . I did enjoy the wings though. They also stopped celery and carrots.
Rafael.Pineiro 10/14/2021
The 1 in Henderson always come through they have great food great wings and grace service the beer is cold always and the guys of the bar and the customers are happy all the time thank you guys great team
Deb 08/15/2018
Beechmont Ohio... used to come all the time. Last few times food was horrible. Ask for xtra crispy wings.... they’re so chewy they can’t be eaten. Ask for buffalo chips to be done at same tine do they’ll be fresh and hot... always cold and greasy. Never see a manager walking around. There’s only 3 tables here eating ... how can they screw this up?? Used to be my favorite place..... not coming here again
Alex 01/19/2018
This was the worst meal I have ever had. Chicken wings had no flavor and dry. Fries were old and hard and the jack and coke had no jack. On top of it all I paid $62.00 for this crap
Jim 08/31/2017
Awesome trip, Haleigh was great, very positive happy bar tender/waiter
Martha Martínez 06/14/2017
Laura 02/24/2017
Love this place. The service is always on point
Krysten 02/05/2017
I enjoy the food and service. Every time I go the workers are so nice.
Stella 09/20/2016
They were very delicious, great service. I will be back.
Stells 09/16/2016
My first time there today was the best wings And mixed well drinks. great customers service
micheal Rodriguez 07/22/2016
I love this place its my # 1 go to watch football
Maria 05/15/2016
I love this place its my #1 go to place to watch football
Alex 08/04/2011
The food and service was great.
keith 06/18/2011
the food was great ill be back

Money Saving Tips at Buffalo Wild Wings

1. Visit during happy hour: Buffalo Wild Wings offers a daily happy hour, which includes discounted drinks and appetizers. Check their website or ask your local restaurant for the happy hour times and specials.

2. Order takeout: Buffalo Wild Wings offers online ordering and takeout options, which can be a cost-effective way to enjoy their wings and other menu items without paying for the dining experience.

3. Sign up for the Buffalo Wild Wings email club: By signing up for this free club, you'll receive special offers, promotions, and updates on new menu items and events.

4. Order the boneless wings: Buffalo Wild Wings' boneless wings tend to be less expensive than their traditional bone-in wings. Consider ordering the boneless wings as a cost-effective option.

5. Share dishes: Buffalo Wild Wings' portions are generous and can be shared between two or more people. Consider sharing a large order of wings or appetizers with a friend or family member to save money.

6. Use coupons and gift cards: Buffalo Wild Wings offers coupons and gift cards that can be used to save money on meals. You can find these coupons online, in local newspapers, or in the mail.

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