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Joyce DeCarufel 04/30/2024
April 29, 2024 Today around 5pm at the Arbys on the Johansen in Fairbanks Alaska. We came to Arbys ordered a bug order chicken tenders for my husband. I ordered a brown sugar bacon sandwich with lettuce and tomato. The sandwich was horrible the Bacon was cooked hard couldn't chew it and it was drenched in so much brown sugar it was sickening sweet that all you taste. I barely ate half my sandwich then was sick to my stomach from the brown sugared bacon in it I could not chew it. I barely ate half my sandwich. It was a horrible experience and not worth the money I paid for the brown sugar BLT Bacon sandwich. I will never buy anything like that again from Arbys. I told the lady manager, how bad the sandwich was, she offered me another sandwich for free, then I ask if they had a coupon to compensate for the bad food. She said no and was very apologetic. Today is the last day of the brown sugar bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich. I think the sandwich needs to removed from Arbys menu permanently.
D.Sanchez 01/17/2024
Good Morning Sadly Even though I love Arby's They used to be one in Jersey City not anymore to fall for me to travel to what your restaurants But I still love the product. Uh just wanted to tell you that uh I love when I get the emails from you guys I could smell it taste it but cannot touch it. Yes
Carol Phillips 12/12/2023
Ok here we go , stopped by to get the 4 for 10$ small sandwich on hamburger buns, not very , the ad looks totally different, not very happy .
Anonymous 12/05/2023
New wagu burger is one of the Best burgers ever made ! Big ….feeds two . Get ready for UNBELIEVABLY GOOD !!!
No longer customer 11/22/2023
Yes, we ordered 2 meals was given the wrong food. The sandwiches we're full of vinegar we told Arby's and Arby's said they were sending replacement coupons to cover the two meals but we never received them and contacted Arby's several times and they kepted saying they sent them but we never received them so Arby's got our money for the wrong , horrible sandwiches (meal)and we got nothing for their employees error . The food was mot entitled. We were lied to and money was taken.
lesasize@yahoo.com 09/28/2023
The new sandwich should be on delivery. You are surrounded by Senior living condo, Apt.rehab. We all eat not to mention the people that work there.
Dotti Pierce 07/17/2023
The last time I ordered French fries with my mail. They were tiny,burned, old,and definitely the dregs. Not one was edible by the time I opened my package I was home. Too late to return to store. Never will I order these again. Bad bad
Frederick Venneri 06/29/2023
I go to Arby’z twice bc a week It upsets me that you no longer offer salads. And when I buy a Greek Gyro’s an it would be nice if you offered FETA cheese even if I had to pay extra . Gyro’s without feta is Like a cheese burger without the cheese.
Susan waltz 05/07/2023
Very seldom is there a deal anymore on Arby's. How sad it is to see no cars in the parking lots at Arby's. I love Arby's but I won't pay that kind of money!
Betty Brooks 02/17/2023
The last time I got Arby's Beef&Cheddar it was horrible. & Then we got Gyros & they weren't good either. When I complained it was Oh we are sorry. I won't be going back for a while & we love Arbys
Patti Miller 11/21/2022
We love Arby's! It's our favorite in Brookville, Ohio! Thank you for these deals! deals!
Sharon 09/20/2022
We really enjoy the food here. Wish we got the coupons in the mail.
Mee 08/13/2022
Chicken, fish and fries are all cooked in the same fryer. Yuck!
John OGrady 06/26/2022
Arby’s is my number 1 fast food restaurant.
Kim 06/14/2022
Please bring back the onion petals, the potato cakes, the other small potato wedges. Lynchburg on Timberlake Rd location! Thank you!
Fran 05/29/2022
Pickle fries portions very disappointing for the price.
bil 04/23/2022
Store 8012 - AID:42203 GOOD COUNTER SERVICE BURNT BREAD/BUNS NO napkins with 4 sandwich order
harold 02/17/2022
i got the crispy chicken last evening cost over 5.00$ and the piece of chicken was good but the bun was much larger than the small piece of chicken unreal and will never buy again.....
Carolyn Johnson 01/30/2022
I love Arby's curly fries and the food is good, you don't have to say where is the meat. Arby's give you a generous amount of meat.I love it. I miss the coupons in the mail.
Lillian Gomes 01/23/2022
Why aren't there any prices listed on the menus? Why is there no "on line " ordering at the Jones Loop, Punta Gorda, Florida site location? This makes your sign up site coupons worthles!!! Very disappointed...
Faye 01/21/2022
I enjoy eating at Arby’s. The food is portions very well.
John Grue 01/13/2022
Very disappointed with your Diablo Dare sandwich what a let down after all the hype.
Caroline Harness 12/14/2021
They do not listen to your orders I would just like for one time for them to get it right. I don't like the curley fries that are nothing but hard pieces no curls. My order was all end pieces and hard you couldn't chew. Used to be curly pieces and the sandwich had cheese on it. Sorry there food has gotten worse.
Gail Thompson Mosley 11/03/2021
Highly overpriced. Doesn't taste very good. Only went during 50% off to try things I'd never had. Napkins smell like moldy freight salvage.
Roshae Walker 09/21/2021
I use to love going there. But they took off the items that I mainly ate. I wish they would have kept them. Loaded Italian, ham and swiss slider, and onion rings. All I have now is the Swiss Dip.
LINDA 09/05/2021
Jerold 07/17/2021
Went to the Arby's in my area had to wait in drive thru line for 30 min. that makes no sense at all you need to open up inside service or replace your employees will not come back till it gets better!
Anne Crane 06/28/2021
LOVE, LOVE LOVE Arby's! 😊👍
Jason 04/05/2021
Love Arby roast beef sandwich but have to wait for a coupon. Pricy without.
Jim Ray 04/01/2021
Arby's definitely has all of the competition beat. I have NEVER been disappointed with any of the sandwiches or sides I've had there. It's my favorite place to go ! Now if I could only get some coupons, it would entice me to drive the 10 miles I have to, bypassing McDonalds, Carl's Jr., Wendy's, and Taco Bell to get there. However, based on some of the other comments, it sounds like some people are upset about this coupon thing. Also some of the promises made in advertising aren't being kept. The food is great, however you really need to step it up with your management style. Sounds like you have a bunch of millennials running the show. So get your act together !
Diane Barr Roumbos 03/01/2021
We have been ordering from the Wendy's in Highland, IN for the last two months. We enjoy your sandwiches and cheese sticks. Especially the fish on Fridays. The Mint shake was terrific. Wish we could dine in.
margaret fuller 01/29/2021
love arbys
James Miner 12/07/2020
Good job on the Gyros. Was going to say too pricey but the 2 for $6 is a good deal. Keep up the Deals!
Kim 11/29/2020
Like their food but it is expensive.
Alford Adams 11/19/2020
Love Arby's food.
Helen 11/10/2020
Always great food
Gordy 11/03/2020
Loved the Gyro, sauce was a little too watery. Next time no sauce.
Larry B. ROBY/ lbroby17011966@gmail.com 09/28/2020
I just purchased (2) Beef and Cheddar sandwichs at Arby's on HWY 54 in Owensboro, KY.. I was very disappointed at the amount of meat on the large bun. Is the amount of beef being cut back or are two thin slices and cheese the new standard for this sandwich. I am a regular of this restaurant and was very disappointed . ARBY'S has always been one of my favorite fast food stops. As the commercial says WE HAVE THE MEAT. I just wanted to know if this is a new standard or a mistake by the employee Waiting for your reply,
Linda Koopmann 09/25/2020
Anonymous 09/25/2020
Yum.... Enjoyed the onion bun beef and cheddar. Sweet tater fries . So good. Thanks arby....keep wearing a mask in kitchen ... I'll be back 🤩

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Money Saving Tips at Arby's

If you enjoy dining at Arby's and want to save money on your visits, consider these money-saving tips:

1. Sign Up for Arby's Email List: Join Arby's email list to receive newsletters and updates on promotions, discounts, and new menu items. Some locations may offer special deals to email subscribers.

2. Download the Arby's App: The Arby's app often provides exclusive deals, discounts, and coupons. Some locations also allow you to order through the app, and you may receive app-specific promotions.

3. Check the Arby's Website for Coupons: Visit the official Arby's website to look for printable coupons or digital promotions. These coupons may offer discounts on sandwiches, combo meals, or sides.

4. Explore Arby's Value Menu: Arby's typically has a value menu or a dollar menu with more affordable options. These items can provide cost-effective choices for a quick meal.

5. Follow Arby's on Social Media: Stay connected with Arby's on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They often share promotions, giveaways, and news about upcoming deals.

6. Take Advantage of Combo Meals: Combo meals at Arby's often offer better value than purchasing items individually. Consider ordering a combo meal to save money on your overall purchase.

7. Look for Limited-Time Offers: Arby's frequently introduces limited-time offers and promotions. Keep an eye out for these special deals, especially during holidays or new menu launches.

8. Use Coupons from Local Newspapers: Check local newspapers for Arby's coupons. Some locations may include coupon inserts with discounts on meals or specific items.

9. Participate in Arby's Loyalty Program: See if your local Arby's has a loyalty program. Loyalty members may earn rewards, discounts, or exclusive offers with each purchase.

10. Visit During Happy Hour: Some Arby's locations have happy hour promotions with discounted prices on certain menu items or beverages. Check with your local store for details.

11. Opt for Value Deals or Meal Deals: Arby's often features value deals or meal deals that offer a combination of sandwiches, sides, and drinks at a discounted price. These can be cost-effective options.

12. BYOD (Bring Your Own Drink): If your local Arby's allows it, consider bringing your own beverage to save on drink costs. This can be especially useful if you prefer water or have a drink with you.

13. Check for Online Ordering Promotions: Some Arby's locations offer online ordering promotions or discounts. Explore the online ordering system on their website or app to see if any deals are available.

14. Ask About Student or Senior Discounts: Inquire at your local Arby's to see if they offer any discounts for students or seniors. Some locations may provide special pricing for these groups.

Always check with your specific Arby's location, as promotions and discounts can vary. Additionally, be aware of the terms and conditions associated with any coupons or promotions you plan to use.

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FAQs about Arby's

1. What are Arby's hours of operation?

Arby's hours vary by location, so it's best to check with your local Arby's restaurant. You can find this information on the Arby's website or by calling the specific restaurant directly.

2. What is Arby's menu known for?

Arby's is known for its roast beef sandwiches, curly fries, and a variety of meats and sandwiches. The menu may also include limited-time offerings and promotions.

3. Does Arby's offer any vegetarian options?

Arby's primarily focuses on meat-based items, but they may have some vegetarian options like salads. It's recommended to check the current menu for vegetarian choices.

4. Are there any Arby's promotions or discounts available?

Arby's often runs promotions, discounts, and special offers. Customers can check the official Arby's website, sign up for newsletters, or follow Arby's on social media to stay informed about the latest deals.

5. Does Arby's offer catering services?

Arby's may offer catering services for events. Customers interested in catering should contact their local Arby's restaurant for details on menu options, pricing, and availability.

6. How can I provide feedback to Arby's?

Customers can typically provide feedback through the Arby's website or by contacting the customer service department. Contact information is often available on the official website.

7. Does Arby's have a loyalty program?

Arby's has had loyalty programs in the past, but availability may vary by location. Customers can inquire at their local Arby's or check the official website for information on any current loyalty programs.

8. What is the nutritional information for Arby's menu items?

Arby's provides nutritional information for its menu items on the official website. Customers can use this information to make informed choices based on their dietary preferences and needs.

About Arby's

Arby's, established in 1964, stands out in the fast-food landscape as a haven for meat lovers. Renowned for its slogan "We Have the Meats," Arby's has carved a distinct niche by offering a diverse menu featuring a variety of expertly crafted sandwiches, including roast beef, turkey, and other premium meats.

Arby's commitment to quality is exemplified by its slow-roasted beef, prepared daily in-house, and its dedication to using fresh and wholesome ingredients. The brand's unique offerings extend beyond traditional fast-food fare, showcasing a passion for culinary innovation. Signature items like the Beef 'n Cheddar, Curly Fries, and Jamocha shakes have become synonymous with the Arby's dining experience.

The brand's marketing campaigns often emphasize its dedication to meat, humorously embracing a carnivorous identity. Arby's distinctive logo, featuring a stylized cowboy hat, further reinforces its commitment to hearty, flavorful offerings.

Arby's restaurants, adorned with a warm and welcoming ambiance, provide a comfortable setting for customers to indulge in savory meats crafted into a variety of mouthwatering sandwiches. As a pioneer in the fast-food industry, Arby's continues to capture the hearts and appetites of meat enthusiasts, proving that, indeed, they have the meats.

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