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Aldi is a global discount supermarket chain based in Germany. The chain is made of two separate groups, Aldi Nord, headquartered in Essen—and Aldi Süd, headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr.


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janicesims 03/04/2021
love the store great prices good products love the organic foods but meats and chesse don't stay fresh that long
Shirley Judd 02/18/2021
After three visits still no strawberries at Camden, DE store
Shirley Judd 02/18/2021
I went to the Camden,DE store three times for strawberries twice last week and once on Tuesday of this week and there were none.
Jensie 02/04/2021
I have loved Aldi for their low prices, high quality and access to European specialties at a reasonable price. Recently, however, they have discontinued two (and perhaps more) of the products , which have always been my main reason to drive miles away from my home to buy my basic necessities, German ryebread and liver sausage. If these items are not available, i don't have any reason to drive miles to shop in Aldi.
Christine Patrick 02/01/2021
you need more real german products
Hermine 01/24/2021
I was so excited when Aldi finally came to Arizona. I have known Aldi in Germany and it was always a place I loved to shop. I have to say that I am a little disappointed with our Aldi here. I was hoping to find a few German items in the store. We do have many German people living here and to find items like pudding, white asparagus, pickles, sauerkraut, special baking items would be so great.
Phyllis 01/13/2021
Love the stores been shopping for 30 years
Gary 11/19/2020
Great store to shop at an great People there A+ employees
Ruth 11/15/2020
Love their prices. Store is always clean and employees are very helpful. Also love their non food products. I have found any number of useful items at a much better price than you could find anywhere!!
Pat 11/15/2020
Good place to shop. Very good produce, cheese and even wine. Tidy stores with wide directional aisles. Also very fast check out.
Kathryn derderian 10/28/2020
Nice clean, affordable, good food store kathy
Raedean Chumley 10/19/2020
We LOVE Aldi!!!!!
Agnes Maxwell 10/14/2020
One of the Best grocery stores I have shopped. Never disappointed.
Kate williams 10/13/2020
We love love love you!!!! Thank you for coming to our town!
edyegrossman 09/20/2020
the best store for your shopping adventures and surprises, prices, diversity of items, quality of merchandise, store displays and layout fantastic. my favorite
Tanya 09/15/2020
The Best Aldi store, is in Charleston SC
Carol 09/10/2020
like the prices
Theresa 09/02/2020
Love shopping @aldi very affordable and employees very friendly and helpful all the time🙌🙌🙌
Susan Lash 09/01/2020
Please publish your ads on line at least one day before they begin! We are elderly and need to shop early, before the crowds. I must make my shopping list on Tuesday, but do not know your specials at that time. It would be a great help to me. I am a long time customer.
Cheryl 08/18/2020
Good choice of fruits and vegetables. Before pandemic used to go only for these items, but since they have senior shopping at a decent time, not 6AM! I shop there only. Very happy with choices available.
Hilda Figueroa 08/06/2020
My favorite supermarket. Excelent quality and prices
Abi 07/27/2020
Superb, cannot best the prices
JCS 06/17/2020
1st stop for groceries. Seldom need to go to other stores plus they Hsve good decorations and seasonal. Have gotten some good deals. Yeah for Aldi!!
Margarete 06/07/2020
I wish Aldi had more German Products since i was born In Germany and i am missing all the good stuff..
Claudia Hamilton 05/21/2020
You should have more Electric shopping cart, one is just not enough.
Karen 05/16/2020
Sometimes they don’t have items that advise
Frances Wilkinson 05/14/2020
I love Aldi's. My only complaint is that the ones around me are farther away. I only go about once a month, but if closer, weekly or more. The distance does not stop me.
PAV 05/03/2020
Love, love, love this store, it’s staff, selection of produce and specialty foods.
Joe Ferrone 04/08/2020
I love Aldis the fruit, vegs, box goods, price for someone living on S.S. Thanks Joe
Dr Mary R Vaughn 04/05/2020
Great! Pastries are very good. Prices for fresh foods good.
Wendy D. 03/28/2020
Hi, I am Happy Aldi is here for us, these turbulent times!
Marge 03/25/2020
Will you set aside a time older people can shop
Shirley 03/22/2020
I love Aldis its always full and the prices are great.
Eileen 02/23/2020
Love Aldis and their some specialty items. But wish always had two checkout or more. Cause they are busy.
Helene lipkint 01/20/2020
You need more scooters for handicap. Also whenever I go to the store if I find one it’s not charged.😢😢
Janice Murray 12/25/2019
Love this store.... Never know what you will find in the middle isle... Pajamas, tool set, Boots, kitchen utensils etc.... The prices on all their food is great too....
Sigrid Bigelow 11/18/2019
I was born in Germany and grew up with Aldi many years ago. Love AldiI in Germany and try to find Aldi where ever I travel, the USA, EUROPE. USA and more, I find Aldi MORE OFTEN THAN NOT.
Marcella Mares 11/12/2019
U should be ashamed at the conditions of Aldi parking lot at store on Groesbeck, Clinton Township, Mich. I watch as senior patrons struggled to walk thru slush, snow & ice. If pushing a shopping cart, it was even worse. I was so fearful of falling in that mess, I drove away to shop at another grocery store. I thought u were more concerned of those that shop at Aldi’s. M. Mares.
Jeanne MARSDEN 11/09/2019
Please bring back more gluten free items!!!
Rebecca Foster 11/03/2019
Started shopping at Aldi in 1987...in St. Joe Missouri and still do ....31 years later...I still do in PA

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