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Pizza Hut – home of America’s favorite pizza, delivering delicious hot pizza and WingStreet buffalo wings straight to your door. Order your Pizza Hut pizza, pastas, WingStreet wings and pizza sides online or over the phone


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Minnie 12/10/2022
The Super Supreme has changed my life!
Lee Burchett 11/04/2022
Best pizza out there!
Debbie Dailey 10/16/2022
Just wanted someone that was a manager at pizzahut to know that the last two times that I ordered pizza that it was all wrong.it shouldnt had been wrong. It was simple pizza an a small pizza at that.don't know if I will go back there again.I think that I should get a right made pizza.The first one was really good that's way I went back again 2 more times!.
Dallaspeacock 08/26/2022
Good pizza and good fountain drinks and the waitresses are excellent
John Weatherall jr 07/13/2022
The new edge was great.every bite was a wonderful bite. Well worth it.
Lora Thoen 07/10/2022
We like pizza hut and come several times month with our grandchildren! BUT it is SO COLD and they won't adjust the temperature, we wear sweaters and even bring a blanket, so we will not come any more!!! Mansfield Ohio location
Tay 06/29/2022
I love the Pizza Hut in my city always fresh
LJ Freeman 06/11/2022
Some of the pizza huts are going down hill. Quality control is nonexistent. Others are still great.
RoseMarie 05/10/2022
I ordered a pizza last week and it was horrible , half the pizza didn't even have cheese on it and I asked for bacon on it but didn't get any , I'm very disappointed , I feel I should get a free one bcuz my order was so screwed up , oh and the crust on the bottom was not done
Gary Acton 03/28/2022
Ordered large stuffed crust pepperoni pizza online. It only had 6 pepper on is on whole pizza! Other than that, it was very good.
Mama T. 03/28/2022
I love my pizza Hut pizza. Being a senior on a fixed income I was able to get my favorite pizza at a great price. It was a LG 3topping pizza for 10.00. Now it has been removed. I could eat off it for 3 days. It was a great deal for me since I am not able to prepare regular meals because of health issues. Please bring it back.
Sherry 01/02/2022
Pizza hut is the best! I really enjoy the delivery and not having to go out.
Marshall 12/07/2021
Pleasant person answered the phone, did not feel rushed. Pizza was delicious.
ULYSSES 11/24/2020
Pizza was pretty good last time I ate one FROM this store
Pat 08/02/2020
I love pizza huts pan pizza.I don't like the fact you have to order on line to get a good deal.pizza is too expensive if you don't order online which we do not know how to do .not computer smart.
Martha woody 01/28/2020
I love pizza hit. They have the best pizza in the world.it's the only place beside the grocery store that I buy pizza from.
Janet 08/19/2019
Do something else like pasta with salad. Or a sandwich
Marie Young 01/24/2019
My friend recently picked up a large supreme pizza and 2 salads at Pizza Hut, he did this because I loved Pizza Hut. He did not know about any discounts, had never visited a Pizza Hut before. The pizza was good, I wouldn't say great. The salads were absolutely horrible. I could have gotten a bagged salad for $1 and been happier. 2 of your "salads" cost $8.58. Eight dollars for a little lettuce!! I certainly will not visit a Pizza Hut again. The pizza was $17.99, too expensive for my budget!
Pat 12/22/2018
Had it about 10 days ago. Hit 2 medium pizzas. Couldn't beat the price, and was actually good
Marilyn Manuel 12/10/2018
Love Pizza Hut but their personal pan cost to much.
Debbie 09/14/2018
Last pizza we had was terrible. First they lost our order & then fixed & cooked so fast it was aweful. Should of replaced for free. Won't go back
Gin 09/07/2018
Not fair you have to order on line to get a good price. Don’t use computer well
Jodi 08/29/2018
U get what u pay for . Everything about pizza hut is outstanding , even service . keep up providing all around , what americans r about .
Cindy 08/05/2018
I also have stopped buying pizzas from Pizza Hut since they now charge extra for the pan pizzas (which are my favorite pizza from any pizza place). It has now been probably a year since I've bought a pizza from them because of this. I want them to go back to $10 large pan pizzas! The size of a large pizza has greatly decreased over the years also.
Gloria Johnson 06/23/2018
I love Pizza Hut
Eileen Anthony 06/13/2018
Loved it since early '80s, love it now.
Pam 05/08/2018
Since they now charge extra for pan pizza, and their prices are outrageous, I can't afford to eat there anymore. Very disappointed with pizza hut
Sarah Gamble 04/04/2018
They pizza are very good my family used to eat pizza hut every week but the prices went up and they start to charge more money for pan crust o just couldn't do it anymore, so now I don't hardly go there any more we really do miss pizza nights on the weekend and some weekdays I don't know what to do.
Pizza 🍕 Lover 10/04/2017
Norma 07/28/2017
Its a great pizza but every time I order on line I dont get what I want and end up paying more
jerjorju 03/01/2017
Pan pizza was yummy.
Flora Webb 08/24/2016
Best Pizza in Fayetteville NC . Grandkids love it !! Good coupons !!

Money Saving Tips at Pizza Hut

1. Check for coupons and promo codes: Pizza Hut regularly offers coupons and promo codes for discounts on their menu items. Check their website, social media pages, or coupon websites for the latest deals.

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3. Order from the value menu: Pizza Hut has a value menu with items priced lower than their regular menu items. Consider ordering from the value menu to save money on your meal.

4. Take advantage of their deals and specials: Pizza Hut often has specials like their "$5 lineup" or "Big Dinner Box," which offer a large amount of food for a discounted price. Check their website or ask your local restaurant for any current deals.

5. Share a pizza or order a smaller size: Pizza Hut's pizzas come in different sizes, so consider ordering a smaller size or sharing a pizza with someone. This can save you money and still allow you to enjoy their pizza.

6. Pick up your order instead of delivery: Pizza Hut charges a delivery fee for each order, so consider picking up your order instead of having it delivered to save money.

7. Use a discounted gift card: You can often find discounted Pizza Hut gift cards online or at warehouse stores. Purchase a discounted gift card to save money on your order.

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