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V8 Juice  
V8 100% juices aren't just delicious—they are an excellent source of vegetable nutrition that's essential to your well-being....Save time and money by using V8 Juice coupons and deals at CouponGreat.


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Roger Wollheim 08/02/2013
I have had V8 juice for many years, Love its taste and think it helps my days worth vitamins. Keep make & sell this product. Thank you
Fletcher 02/20/2013
My wife Marilyn and I have drank a glass of V 8 juice every morning for the last 28 years I wll be 80 in July. I I plan to keep drings V 8 Fletcher
Thomas Zdanio 12/12/2011
I have been a big fan of V-8 juice and have been drinking it for many years now. I find it very refreshing and thirst quenching and I can drink it without worrying about consuming too much sugar or other harmful additives. Keep up the good work.
Jeanne Macdonald 11/12/2011
I have tried a few different vegetable juices and have found that V-8 has the best flavour . It is a juice that I could enjoy it every day , and is a great way to get in your vegies without any effort. This is just a great product .
Jessica 10/01/2011
I love the taste of v8 juices.I drink it every morning & it really makes me feel great!
Art Staudinger 09/07/2011
Kill two stones with one bird every day. Drink a glass of V-8, morning and night,with my pills.
FRAN 09/03/2011
My family loves V8 and has for years! Keep up the good work: producing such a great product! Thank you for the nutritional, wholesome value. FMN
Arthur C. Kallagis 08/29/2011
Drinking V8 for years. I like it with about 3/4 drops of Tabasco sauce in a can of 5.5oz. Starts my day. LOL ART
Elizabeth Okerberg 08/29/2011
The grape/rasberry juice tastes like grape pop. One does not know you are drinking two servings of vegetables.
ed mcguffie 08/19/2011
Great drink.Have 12 to 16 oz everyday and buy 2 to 4 bottles a week more if I have good coupons.
Tina Eskew 08/15/2011
The best juice ever,my husband & I drink it everyday . Pack his lunch for work ,even when he is going to order out from a local restaurant I still pack V8 in his drink cooler,it is our #1 drink. Would not want to ever have to go for any period of time without it.keep on producing this great product. Best regards, Tina Eskew
Meta Cohen 08/13/2011
I use the V8 low-sodium juice. I happen to love it and feel it helps me consume my daily vegetable requirements. The low-sodium makes it taste more natural.
Eva Hord 08/12/2011
Helps me get started with my day
Lucille Fuller 08/04/2011
I love it! I drink it every day.
Peggy Wilson 08/01/2011
A great way to get your daily dose of vegetables or fruits, or vegetables and fruits

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