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Mountain Dew  
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Anonymous 11/15/2017
I have only drank mountain dew cans, 24 -7 for over 35 yrs or more,, sad I know But the last few months I don't like the changes, feels like I'm drinking flat soda yuck,,
Jenna preskey 10/20/2017
Mountain is the only thing i drink!!! Its the best
adrionna watson 10/17/2017
Mtn Dew is the best drink ever made fit the past 8 years I've bought 2-2liters a day it's so amazing. Thanks for the mtn dew.
Doreen Tuel 08/16/2017
I only drink mtn dew voltage. I mean at least 4-20oz bottles a day. This can be very expensive. Why don't you guys sell 6 pack bottles even 16oz bottles....anything? I buy them at my local Wawa store. Thank goodness they are on sale 2 for $3. I need coupons please!!!!
Melissa Tyson 04/09/2017
I've been drinking mt. Dew for the past15 years it's the only soda I will drink.thanks for making such a good drink. I buy probably 6 to 8 six packs a week for me and my son. If you have coupons for them I would love some of them. please thank you. You'll have to send them through regular mail most stores in my area have quit accepting printed coupons. So if you do have coupons they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Melissa
Sara Smith 09/26/2016
Mountain Dew is my favorite drink of all time. I cannot believe the prices of the two liter bottles though a dollar 25 wow I remember when they used to be $0.50. that is insane. but I still have to have my Mountain Dew.

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