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Alfredo 12/06/2017
Great customer service and really fast too
Lisa Evans 11/29/2017
I love the McDonald's in the Elizabeth City Walmart shopping center they are nice friendly people very professional I like the McDonald's at Grandy North Carolina they are very clean nice smiling professional people these are the only two McDonald's I will go to
Rufus Mosley 11/28/2017
I want to thank you hiring Kyla. She was very professional and patient.
Donna Gutierrez 11/21/2017
Donna Gutierrez. I went to the Mc Donalds on baseline and carnilen i ordered 10 pieces chicken nuggets and a sweet tea.i had to wait in the drive thru for 25 minutes. Thars to long to waite in a drive thur but u was stuck btween cars.
Gail 11/18/2017
I was charged for 3 signature sauces. I only got one. I ordered the new tenders 4 piece meal. they taste like they were double fried like if they were old and then refried on & french fries were cold. this was 1006 s high cols oh
Crystal 11/16/2017
Well trying do a survey but don't know. But anyways nice clean and fast pays.
Van 11/15/2017
I am trying to do the survey for the free w pounder and this is the worst website! No place to put in survey code. The cashier Adrienne at store 240 is amazing! Drive up always has problems with speakers, instability to take credit cards, power outages, no orange juice, etc. and yet she just rolls with it and keeps her professionalism! I hope the manager appreciates her. I do.
Renee 10/28/2017
This is the worst place to get fast food I’m sitting in the parking lot after sitting in line for 30 min waiting to place a order now I’m waiting to get my food working on a 45 min drive thru process wtf
Ruby Manalo 10/26/2017
Mcdonald is one of our favorite fast food here in saipan. The staff like Ms. Melba was awesome. .
Pat 09/29/2017
For a fast food restaurant, the food is good. Starting to get a little expensive. Two breskfast sandwiches and orange juice, over $9.
Carl 08/04/2017
Food was delicious and wanna thank John for the awesome service
Susan Williams 06/06/2017
McDonald's on Bettis Academy is the best one ever. The girl that took my order was very kind I got to the window and Whitney was very outgoing and friendly. She always makes my day seeing her always smiling. She always repeats the order and does everything right. Definitely recommend Whitney
Tammie barnes 05/05/2017
David at 1166 store was so helpful, he went over n beyond his job. because of him being so kind n polite, I will definitely always go 2 that location. thank u so much 4 the great experience.
Kim 04/10/2017
McDonald's is the best. If it's not right they will make it right. That's how Ray Kroc made it. Little details are the key and must be fast hot n friendly 💜
Christopher Simms 04/04/2017
The McDonald's on Broadway and 37th in Kansas City Missouri is very efficient and clean surprisingly so for a Midtown fast food restaurant they are always Pleasant and into their customers
Faye 04/04/2017
Love it, my daughter always say when I ask,"what do you want?"....MCDONALD.... shes12 and she still answers the same thing MCDONALD!
Lisa Threets 03/31/2017
I have no complaints with McDonald's I have been eating there since childhood the only suggestion that I would have I think McDonald's should start delivering
Donna 03/28/2017
I like this restaurant because the crew very friendly
Tom 03/19/2017
Fast service and Terri was very friendly.
John Iszard 03/18/2017
Very fast service and the coffee was good and hot.
Irmasais- 03/14/2017
Very clean environment and professional personnel. Food hot and delivered quickly and efficiently.
Kim 03/08/2017
Less apps. More coupons, or free stuff. Love mcdonalds!
Bridgette wilson 03/06/2017
We love the grand macs
Rose 03/04/2017
We love McDonald's and we use coupon quite offen
Gary 03/03/2017
Apps burn batteries and take up data. why does one need an app when you can just email it to a person that's all we want coupons not signing up to a bunch of apps!
Anonymous 01/16/2017
Store-12712--The Hwy 20 McDonald's is s my go to for coffee and Biscuits in the morning. Everyone there are very nice to everyone
Gary Walls 01/04/2017
Great burgers and service in a timely manner.
Harmon 01/03/2017
Harlan is usually fast and always hot food.. but last night the fries were horrible. If I'd known before I checked 5 mins later. I'd requested fresh fries.
Lee 12/26/2016
Love ❤️ MCD'S. but was unable to take advantage of the bar scan offer on McCafe buy 5 and earn one free. Scanner not working. Asked the manager if he would honor receipt? maybe?!!!!!!
Ferne Creasy 12/22/2016
Favorite Hamburger Restaurant! Loves the fries!
Robert Huxford 11/29/2016
you are giving deals to people who have smart phones. Great idea discriminate against people who do not have smart phones. Since you do not want me to receive the deals then I will not bother to shop at all at your restaurant!!!
Trust Edwards 11/19/2016
It was good. I love your Diet Coke. But the last two times I have been to McDonald's off of scrum loop in Lakeland florida. They have given me reg. Coke. Trust me I know the differents.
Maria Elena 11/18/2016
I have been many MC Donald in DMV area , some of them has bad some of them is good customer service; however this particular MC Donald employee name called Maria Elena is completely different than I have ever been came across. She is always been awesome , always smile, great attitude towards all her customers. I hope all MC Donald would be like her. what i just want say to her is thank you. That's all.
Gloria 11/18/2016
Liked your app better before the changes!!! Before I could see your specials at a glance. Now you have pretty graphics. But it takes forever Or at least a few more seconds. To see your specials.
Wendy 10/09/2016
Went to McDonald's in Mount Vernon and service suck . they would not take my coupons. my friends had the same ones. And they took from. Can't until Monday to talk to direct manager.
Tim 10/07/2016
Was having a good day until I went to McDonald's on tenth ave s and 18th st. Was gonna go in but decided to go through the drive thru I'm glad I did the girl taking cash i believe her name was Stacy she was polite and comical she made me laugh and she knew how to count back money the right way. She made my good day great I will definitely be a return customer as long as Stacy is there!! Thanks Stacy keep up the great work
heather 09/09/2016
I am very disappointed with my service from. The mc. Donalds on jumpers hole rd @ mountain rd. I was given a coupon for a free sandwich 2 days ago. I went to use it tonight only to find out its expired. I live less then a mile from there and I visit just about every day. I was givn this expired coupon by a manager. I would greatly appreciate it if i was compensated fully. heather
Minoo 09/05/2016
Went to McDonalds Store # 11327 The drive through was packed and I thought it was going to take forever. I was impressed on how fast the line went. Went by quick and the food was good to.
Virginia bullardftv 09/03/2016
I love McDonalds I go there almost every day and sometimes I will order just ice coffee flavored the best
Betty Coleman 09/03/2016
McDonald's is a world class best and affordable restaurant for the family. Every day after school my 14 year old has to stop at McDonald's before going home. We love McDonalds. Been eating at McDonald's for 40 years.

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