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Golden Corral's legendary, endless buffet with a variety of delicious familiar favorites and new menu offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ...Save time and money by using Golden Corral coupons and deals at CouponGreat.


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Mrs allen 05/06/2018
Getting expensive for seniors. Have noticed dirty dishes and poor quality of food
Anonymous 04/25/2018
Went to Golden for $6.99 meal. They said I needed to buy drink for $2.00 plus to get the $6.99 meal . Sounds like bait and switch to me. Golden Corral used to be my favorite place to eat. Not any more. I am done eating there. No more for me.
Bobby 04/23/2018
I enjoy the family atmosphere at the Coral Thanks
Shirley 04/14/2018
I love eating at Golden Corral. But I also like it when they have their coupons.
Elise Rothman 04/11/2018
Getting expensive for seniors. Sometimes not cleanest restroom and dirty tables. Somethings not well stocked
Diana 04/09/2018
We love Golden Corral my family eats there often
Stella Gilbert 03/23/2018
I went there for my Birthday we got there about 5:30 I was disappointed as the fish was cold and the prime rib was very dry as I even had it medium rare. And we usually love to eat there but we was unhappy with it this time.
Anonymous 03/19/2018
Love Golden Corral. My only issue is that the young children are not monitored closely enough at times. They should not be allowed near the food.
Jeanne Fryer 03/18/2018
Can't wait for the new one to open in Puyallup.
Shannon 03/18/2018
Great food. Just a little over priced.
Cindy Lencioni 03/14/2018
Senior are $ 13.49 for dinner and adults are $ 15.49 at the one on stockon road in Sacramento Calif
Ronna Bagnardi 02/27/2018
My family and I go often . They are also members of the Marana Chamber Of Commerce , as I am an Ambassador Ronna Bagnardi
mary 02/26/2018
They need to let people know $13.99 is senior price. Adults is just under $15.00 . Outdoor signs does not say that.
Eve Evans 02/12/2018
We have been lucky. The food is fresh, well stocked and the staff is friendly and very helpful. The food is tasty and we come as a group every week. Love it.
JHardas 01/10/2018
Need a Golden Corral in Decatur Illinois. They have no all-you-can-eat restaurant, (other than Chinese) so you would have no competition for American fare
Donna J Childers 11/28/2017
I was very disappointed. Most food was not re stock and what food was out was cold. waitress was upset too. States those worker does it all the time
Diane Coleman 11/05/2017
Sorry had bad managers. hardly any food on the bar. Our drinks were kept full. Waitress was friendly. Just wasn't enough food on the buffet. It has went down hill greatly in the 2 months
Chris Brutcher 10/18/2017
Love their food. Always great and the breakfast buffet is always fantastic. Server's are always very friendly
B J 10/13/2017
Love Golden Corral. A little expensive for senior on a budget and they definitely don’t eat what they are being charged.
Joe 09/30/2017
Very good food we went three days in a row because we couldn't try everything they offer in two visits. You need to bring a Golden Corral to Burlington vermont.
Thelma Karashik 09/28/2017
Delicious food. Great varity
Valencia 09/01/2017
Me and my family love y'all places in Montgomery Alabama we try to go as much as we can
TERESA Conley 08/27/2017
I went to the Golden Corral in Jefferson City and the food was excellent. our server Wayne was fantastic he was so nice and we never ran out of drinks. he was really fast in getting our empty plates. Thanks You guys. keep up the great food An service
Stan Feinberg 08/17/2017
Golden Corral advertises in my area but there isn't one within a hundred miles. I know of many recently empty buildings that would be PERFECT for a new Golden Corral.
Lee Willey 07/18/2017
Winchester Virginia Golden corral very good and clean. Could update their steam shrimp to a larger size? Great place to eat for the price and variety. At least once a week
Judy Clementd 07/05/2017
Golden Corral at Waynesboro, Va is always good, the waitress are super, especially Rosela, very good, friendly and helpful, stays busy assisting all, please acknowledge her
Maria 07/02/2017
Very good services. And eveything is so good..
Cindy 06/27/2017
I perfer Golden Corral over Hometown buffet anytime because they have a better selection of food any their resturant is very clean
Tresheal 06/16/2017
We love the variety of foods, and I really love the fried chicken!!
Paula 06/15/2017
We love the varity and cleanliness of the restaurant, and staff is friendly and helpful.
Paula 06/15/2017
We love the food. So much varity, and everything is neat an orderly.
Elsie Berchtold 05/11/2017
Prefer Golden Corral over many family restaurants! Food choices are great and always delicious, hot when it should be and cold when it should be.
Deejay 04/13/2017
I love the experience I have overtime. Plus the 🍲 is 👌! !!
Clara lung 04/12/2017
Hi my husband and I really love your golden coral. We have one in Quincy and one in Springfield. Would it be possible to get one in macomb? I think it would be a good investment for you, and we need a good place to eat. Thanks.
Dot Burkhalter 04/01/2017
I love your new Golden Corral in Baton Rouge, La. The food is great and all the staff are wonderful. Thank you.
Carol Whitley 03/26/2017
Love to eat at Golden Corral. They have such a variety to choose from. Always fast very good.
Katie 03/26/2017
The salad bar was very fresh and delicious, a wide variety of fixings. The rolls were fabulous, I wish there was real whipped butter instead of margarine. The dessert bar was very good, I liked the real ice cream, and the chocolate fountain, if you could get over it being so messy all the time. The children really should be monitored more closely. The little fried shrimp have always been my favorite. Unfortunately, I can't go there any more, the food is too rich and upsets my stomach.
Candace Mills 03/20/2017
We need, really need a Golden Correll in Ellsworth, Maine. The only time we can eat at one is when we are traveling........Please bring a Golden Correll to Downeast Maine.......soon!!!!
Cathy Rodriguez 03/19/2017
I love golden corral food we really need one here in Tyler tx is there one coming soon I hope so
Rod Staines 03/16/2017
Have enjoyed golden coral for many yeas, never had a bad meal, prime rib weekends are now my favorites

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