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Great tasting Glucerna products help you manage your diabetes....Save time and money by using Glucerna coupons and deals at CouponGreat.


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patricia friend 08/04/2013
Glucerna has helped me maintain good blood sugars. I take it every day
dorothy sorrell 09/20/2012
being a diabetic once was so hard to control noiw drinking the glucerna shake helped me to control my blood sugar and lose weight my begining weight was 320 i now weigh 211 feeling good the combination of fat, carb, and protein has done wonders for me thank you glucerna
royden 05/02/2012
Ienjoy glucerna, when i dont feel like a meal.I also take it in a cooler bag when my wife and i go for drives or are away from home any length of time, where i am a diabetic . Ilike it also where it has vitamens, as i dont take any suplements.
Barbara Corkum 04/02/2012
My Mother is 82 and had a triple by-pass last year. She lost her appetite and has diabetes. Her doctor recommended glucernia to herto build her back up. She now eats her regular meals but also drinks one Gluverna ever day to help keep her strong.
Golda Wofford 03/26/2012
I have gotten my blood sugars down and lost weight with using the Glucerna hunger smart shakes. I would recommend this product to anyone who is diabetic and needs to loose weight.
Donna 02/01/2012
I am looking for coupons Glucerna. My husband and mother-in-law are both diabetics. They find this product great for keeping the blood sugars levels.
Teresa 01/05/2012
I am a teacher who is diabetic. My diet plan consists of 5 small meals. In a classroom, this is sometimes impossible. Therefore, I rely on Glucerna snack shakes for my in between snacks. It is good. It fills me up and helps to keep my blood sugar levels stable. Without these shakes, I would either eat nothing or something I should not which would be an impact on my sugar levels. They are the only thing I have found that keeps me consistent in my eating habits during the day. Thank you, Teresa B.
Maggie 08/06/2011
I have diabetes. And, yes, it is very difficult to try and control blood sugar levels. I am a chocoholic and need a chocolate fix at least once a day. Glucerna is a great tasting way to get that fix. And it helps control my blood sugar spikes. I am always on the go and this is the most perfect thing to grab out of the fridge. Not quite time to eat...but have those hunger pangs...just grab a Glucerna. Satisfying and it tastes great too. I am never without my drink of choice - Glucerna!

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