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Tammy 12/17/2017
The pickles are wonderful but I would like to purchase only the brine. I'm addicted to drinking this stuff. Can you buy just the brine?
Steve Wong 09/25/2012
I love these pickles. I have loved pickles for my entire life. Even as a child, I would spend my allowance on of all things pickles. Early on, I learned that Claussen pickles were the best… the ones I would actually save my weekly allowances until I had enough for Claussen pickles. Today, I found the Hot & Spicy pickles and felt that little-kid thrill of not wanting to wait until I got home to open the jar. There I sat in the parking lot of the grocery with my fingers in the pickle jar. Somethings are forever good.
Diane Tolliver 07/21/2012
I recently purchased your new hot & spicy pickles and they truly are. I have always liked your pickles but these are the best.
Carol Van Duyne 06/01/2012
I recently purchased Claussen, New York Deli-Style, Half Sours Whole. While good, they were not half sours. Possibly it was mislabeled. Lid Date 01Aug2012 UPC # 04050011140600/09202
Deborah Ortega 01/07/2012
Awesome flavor and crispy crunchiness. Even the pickle juice tastes good. In a recent vacation, I purchased a jar of Claussen Pickles to include them in an antipaste tray. Everyone kept asking, what kind of pickles were they. Claussen immediately won over their taste buds

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